Lemon Curd, Chantilly Cake, and 5 Other 'Hidden Gems' at Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's Mushroom & Company Umami Seasoning Blend

Trader Joe's

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Trader Joe's Mushroom & Company Umami Seasoning Blend
Trader Joe's

Under the Radar

Trader Joe's store is so tiny and paired-down that it only takes a few visits to orient yourself. But despite the no-frills retailer's small size, veteran shoppers on Reddit say that some products fly under the radar, especially if they're stocked on the lowest shelves where hardly anyone ever looks. 

This list of misfits, unsung heroes, and hidden gems highlights those oft-overlooked products, many of which shoppers say you can't afford to miss.

Trader Joe's Lemon Curd
Trader Joe's
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2. Chantilly Cake


Trader Joe’s vanilla and chocolate chantilly cakes, often tucked away on the store’s bottom shelf, are true hidden gems. But maybe that’s for everyone's own good. Multiple commenters say they avoid the creamy, mini sheet cakes for lack of self-control. As one Redditor puts it: If you buy one of these cakes, you risk turning into a “cake gremlin.”

Trader Joe's Roasted and Salted Marcona Almonds with Rosemary

3. Roasted and Salted Marcona Almonds with Rosemary


If you’ve been shopping at Trader Joe’s for more than a decade and haven’t heard of these, join the club. They’re usually buried under other nut varieties, and many Americans don’t even know what Marcona almonds are. That’s unfortunate, because these sweet, gourmet nuts — common in Mediterranean countries — are a hit among people who have tried them. Commenters say they make great snacks and are a “must-have” on any cheese plate.

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Trader Joe's Non-Dairy Oat Creamer Brown Sugar Flavor
Trader Joe's
Trader Joe's Quinoa-Stuffed Dolmas
Trader Joe's
Trader Joe's Giant Peruvian Inca Corn
Mushroom & Company Multipurpose Umami Seasoning Blend
Trader Joe's

7. Mushroom Umami Seasoning


Have you ever felt like a dish needed a little extra oomph, something to deepen the flavor? You’re likely missing umami, that meaty, savory dimension to food that makes mushrooms and meat so good. Well, Trader Joe’s went and bottled it up, using a mixture of mushroom powders and spices. (The flavor enhancer MSG also works.) One commenter who uses it daily says they buy three bottles of it every time they go to Trader Joe’s.

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