Here's How Much Americans Spend Each Year on Cosmetic Procedures

Two Images of Cosmetic Procedures, a Woman Receiving Hair Removal and a Man Touching His Head in the Mirror

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Two Images of Cosmetic Procedures, a Woman Receiving Hair Removal and a Man Touching His Head in the Mirror
Cheapism/Alex Potemkin/istockphoto/miniseries/istockphoto

Face Value

Take one look at Instagram — is anybody au naturel anymore? Americans can’t seem to get enough of botox, fillers, lasers, and more. Cosmetic procedures are rising every year, with 24 percent of Americans admitting that they have had something done, according to a report by Real Self. The report also found that 26 percent of respondents between the ages of 30 to 44 said that they would spend anywhere from $10 thousand to $100 thousand to change something about their appearance … if they could make the payments over time.

So, what are Americans actually spending on cosmetic enhancements? The Aesthetic Society gathered data from 200 plastic surgery practices across the U.S. to determine the most popular procedures, how much they cost, and how much Americans spend on them total in a year. Here are 10 popular procedures Americans can’t get enough of, and how much of their hard-earned money is going towards it.

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Sideview of Woman Receiving Filler Treatment in Her Lips at a Dermatologist


Cost Per Procedure: $700
Yearly Total Spent: $454,535,796

One look at Instagram or pretty much any celebrity, and it appears that giant lips are more trendy than ever. You can thank injectable fillers. Besides enlarging lips, fillers plump up and smooth out wrinkles and enhance cheekbones. The cons: it has to be done regularly basically forever, and you can end up looking ridiculous.

Closeup of a woman's eye wrinkles
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Cost Per Procedure: $326
Yearly Total Spent: $1,286,005,600

Some people like Botox because it’s quick, it doesn’t require downtime, and it easily smoothes out wrinkles and fine lines. Though the procedure is very popular, it comes with its risks, such as eye drooping when placed wrong, and honestly, just looking so frozen it’s freakish.

Woman Laying Down Getting a Chemical Peel at the Dermatologist, Looking Up Towards the Right
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Chemical Peel

Cost Per Procedure: $196
Yearly Total Spent: $72,837,446

A chemical peel helps even out skin tone and texture, fades acne marks, and even softens lines. But, a peel can go so, so wrong. If it’s done too deeply or by someone inexperienced, you risk scarring, blistering, and even infection. After all, you’re putting acid on your face.

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Closeup of Dermatologist Microneedling a Woman's Face


Cost Per Procedure: $302
Yearly Total Spent: $45,990,670

Microneedling involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needles in order to improve texture. While it sounds a little bit horrific, It supposedly makes the skin produce more collagen as it heals. Even if done by an expert, you risk infection and swelling. Plus, it’s another procedure that needs to be done frequently. Ouch.

Man Inspecting His Hair While Looking in the Mirror After Showering With a Towel

Hair Restoration

Cost Per Procedure: $2,582
Yearly Total Spent: $79,860,880

Hair transplants aren’t cheap, but at least they last for years, if not life. However, the process might make you slightly squeamish. One method involves removing a strip of skin from the back of the head, setting it aside, and sewing the scalp shut before transplanting the hairs from the skin.

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Closeup of Woman Scrunching Her Right Thigh, With Both Hands, Showing Cellulite
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Cellulite Treatments

Cost Per Procedure: $490
Yearly Total Spent: $10,896,052

One way to smooth out dimples includes an incision in the skin and inserting a laser probe to heat up tissues underneath. You’re typically out of commission for a day or two, and the results last about a year. Risks involve swelling, burns, and infection, all fun stuff.

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Closeup of Woman Laying Down Having a Laser Facial at a Dermatologist

Skin Treatment

Cost Per Procedure: $741
Yearly Total Spent: $776,058,800

Skin treatments might include anything from facials to lasers to exfoliating procedures, all in the name of better-looking skin. One thing for sure is that Americans are willing to spend hundreds of their hard-earned cash to chase the fountain of youth.

Woman Laying Down Having a Coolsculpting Treatment at a Dermatologist
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Body Contouring

Cost Per Procedure: $1,065
Yearly Total Spent: $426,303,548

Coolsculpting is a popular fat-freezing procedure that destroys fat cells in different parts of the body. It may sound like an amazing solution for a better body, but buyer beware. Model Linda Evangelista brought the procedure’s risks to light, claiming it caused her permanent disfigurement. Coolsculpting can cause fat cells to grow and harden, leaving lumps in the body.

Woman Laying on a Chair Having Laser Hair Removal on Her Left Armpit at a Dermatologist
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Hair Removal

Cost Per Procedure: $175
Yearly Total Spent: $69,935,866

Sometimes, shaving just isn’t enough. For people who want to be done with razors forever, laser hair removal gets rid of hair with a concentrated beam of light. The procedure can get pricey though, as it often requires multiple sessions to work on an area.

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Tattoo removal process
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Tattoo Removal

Cost Per Procedure: $233
Yearly Total Spent: $5,767,872

Perhaps that tat that seemed so cool when you were in college just looks lame now. Or else you had a bad breakup and that name needs to go. Whatever the reason, tattoo removal is big business. And while tattoo removal isn’t exactly pain-free, it’s supposedly less painful than getting one in the first place.

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