10 Foods Boomers Love That Gen Z Finds Utterly Disgusting

Gross Foods That Boomers Love and Gen Z hates

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Gross Boomer Food GenZ Won't Eat
Cheapism; iStock / BWFolsom, PicturePartners/istockphoto; Photosiber/istockphoto

Gross Geezer Grub

Gen Z clings to their ramen and acai bowls like their lives depend on it. Going out to lunch with grandma, however, yields some entirely different answers after browsing the menu, and when the food arrives, the young'uns look on in horror. From liver and onions to tapioca pudding, here are 10 foods that are Boomer staples and Gen Z nausea-inducers. 

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Fried chicken liver with onions

1. Liver and Onions

Liver and onions is one of those dishes that plagues diner menus across the nation because boomers are keeping it alive, but if we're being honest, most Gen Zers just can't get over the fact that it's organ meat, and they might be more open-minded to the flavor if they were unaware of the source. 

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Tin can of sprats, sardines

2. Canned Sardines

This is one of those things that just has to be your thing, and it's pretty much not a thing for anyone under the age of 70. Canned fish like sardines and kipper snacks are a cracker's dream if you ask boomers, and we've seen plenty of silver-haired folks slurp these right out of the can as onlooking Gen Zers find a trash can to lose their avocado toast or plant-based burger lunch in.  

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vienna sausage
fruit cake
iStock / wideonet

4. Fruit Cake

The hatred for fruit cake among younger generations has gotten so out of control that it's mostly popular for being considered gross, unless you're a boomer, that is. Then these bad boys are a holiday delight.

Layered Jello Salad at an Iowa Picnic

5. Jell-O Molds

A boomer can turn anything into a Jell-O mold, if not to enjoy for dessert than to horrify a Gen Zer who prefers frozen yogurt after dinner. 

Plain Bologna Sandwich

6. Bologna

From bologna sandwiches to bologna chopped to oblivion and mixed with mayo and pickles for a salad, this lunchmeat is beloved by boomers and seen as a punishment by Gen Z. It's an "if you know you know" lunch, and this younger generation will just never know.

Bran Cereal

7. Bran Cereal

If it's not riddled with artificial flavors and colors or filled with chocolate, Gen Z doesn't want to pour it in a bowl with milk. Boomers know better: Fiber first. 

tapioca pudding
iStock / bhofack2

8. Tapioca Pudding

The younger generations' hatred for this pudding is either a texture thing or it stems from the lack of the words "Snack Pack" on a red wrapper, sealing off a little plastic cup. 

Piece of Belgian Limburger cheese

9. Limburger Cheese

If you can get past the smell, you must be a boomer. That's all there is to it.

fruit cocktail in a can
iStock / BWFolsom

10. Fruit Cocktail

Bust out the can opener and a fork and go to town on this stuff. Slurp the juice right out of the can as you go, and make sure you save a couple of cherries for a little treat at the end. Gen Z will think you're disgusting, but they just don't know what they're missing out on.