Get Cooking with Deliciously Affordable Kitchen Deals


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From a digital measuring cup that calculates both volume and weight to a programmable pressure cooker that will radically cut cooking time, these deliciously discounted deals will save 35 percent to 80 percent on kitchen essentials that will take your culinary kung fu to the next level. Bon appetit!

Why we loves this deal: This $14 Amazon deal on the ultimate kitchen measurement tool means no more metric mix-ups when trying to make the perfect crumpet recipe and measurements are listed in grams. The built-in digital scale lets cooks measure ounces in both weight and volume, too.

Why we love this deal: Don't call them spatulas -- these colorful food "turners" (around $6 from from the Food Network Store) are designed for more delicate tasks, such as transferring a delicate, perfectly cooked piece of fish intact to a plate. That's not to say they're not perfectly suited for flipping flapjacks or burgers -- in fact, the slotted design helps drain excess oil when cooking fried goodies. But for those moments when presentation matters nearly as much as the taste, these are the tools to "turn" to.

strong>Why we love this deal: To be clear, this stand-mixer is no KitchenAid, but for $20 from Kmart, it costs less than tax and shipping on a high-end mixer that retails for easily 10 times the price. And this little powerhouse has a trick up its sleeve even a KitchenAid can't match: It detaches from the stand and can be used as a more versatile hand mixer. With a 4-quart mixing bowl and five mixing attachments included, culinary concoctions will be limited only by the imagination.

Why we love this deal: A good set of spatulas is a must-have for making everything from sauces to layer cakes, and at $21 this assortment from Overstock feels as good on the wallet as it will look in the lucky cook's hands. Stainless steel handles mean these can go straight from the mixing bowl into the dishwasher -- no more washing the old wooden-handled set by hand.

Why we love this deal: Java junkies rejoice! This sleek and durable, stainless steel beauty from Newegg may be the last french press you ever buy, because unlike a typical press with paper-thin glass, this one won't crack or shatter when accidentally knocked into with a coffee mug. Double-walled insulation keeps fresh pressed coffee warm for two hours, overcoming another shortcoming of a typical Bodum or the like. And with the money saved, shoppers will have enough to buy a decent bag of gourmet beans to properly christen the new purchase.

Why we love this deal: Push-button programmable controls combined with a digital display on this Amazon best-seller offer the simplicity and convenience of a slow cooker -- without the "slow" part. At 6 quarts, this cooker can hold a whole chicken, but it can also cook it to perfection in 10 minutes. The removable non-stick cook pot is dishwasher safe, and a built-in timer means cooks can really "set it and forget it."

Why we love this deal: A good immersion blender is every chef's secret weapon -- it mixes, it purées, it slices, it dices, and it's ridiculously easy to clean. At $98, there are plenty of cheaper options out there, but few can compete with Breville's premium features, including 15 variable speed settings, a 280-watt motor capable of crushing ice, and a proprietary blade housing that reduces suction and improves blending performance. Amazon is knocking $52 off this handy helper, which makes is the cheapest price we could find online by $8. participates in affiliate marketing programs, which means we may earn a commission if you choose to purchase a product through a link on our site. This helps support our work and does not influence editorial content.