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I can't tell you how many TikTok videos I have scrolled through of people spreading ice cream into a Fruit Roll-Up and rolling it up before taking a bite, resulting in an extra-audible crunch. Honestly, I think the ASMR aspect of the trend is what sucks people in and convinces them to try it themselves. Still, not a single one of these darned TikTokers is doing this trend the way I'd do it. So, naturally, I had to give it a whirl.


Fruit Roll-Up Ice Cream (recipe in bio)

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What flavor of ice cream goes with Fruit Roll-Ups?

Everyone's out here slathering their Fruit Roll-Up with Breyers mango, strawberry ice cream, and even vanilla, while I shake my head and wonder, "Why is no one trying this with rainbow sherbet?" It's a fruit-forward flavor that's lighter than its ice cream cousin, so it seems like it would be the perfect addition to the tart Fruit Roll-Up, without making the treat too sweet. Plus, with its flavor combination, the rainbow sherbet bodes well for any and every Fruit Roll-Up flavor. I put a generous dollop on each blanket of gummy goodness to ensure it would reach prime crunchiness (the crunch factor happens when the sherbet or ice cream reacts with the Fruit Roll-Up, essentially freezing it).

fruit roll up ice cream hackPhoto credit: Rachel Schneider / Cheapism

How do you make a Fruit Roll-Up with ice cream?

While I've seen several renditions of the trend that roll the Fruit Roll-Up around the ice cream like a taquito, I opted for more of a Taco Bell Crunchwrap approach during the wrapping process. I waited a few seconds to let the concoction transform into a crunchy treat and took a bite. 

Normally, when reviewing food trends such as this one, you might need to take more than one bite to decide how you feel about it, but this hack led to instant regret. I struggled through the rest of it and I'm not sure if my tastebuds or teeth went through more trauma. Despite being crunchy on the outside, the Fruit Roll-Up still stuck to my teeth and the sherbet was so alarmingly cold that it made my sticky teeth ache. This trend must make dentists cringe.

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And GUYS. This has to be the messiest snack ever. I felt like my toddler with an ice cream cone. There was sherbet all over my face, running down my hands. My fingers were sticky when I was done and my tongue was stained blue. I downed an entire glass of water and sat in shame after finishing this thing. 

fruit roll up stuffed with sherbetPhoto credit: Rachel Schneider / Cheapism

Are Fruit Roll-Ups and ice cream good?

When it came to the flavor, I was not correct about sherbet making the treat less overpowering. It was so tart, too sweet, and just an inundation of artificial fruit flavors. Do I think it would have been better with ice cream? Not really. All those TikTokers and their over-the-top "Mmm!" reactions are blasphemy as far as I'm concerned. There's a 0% chance I would try this again to see if it would be better another way. TikTok has betrayed me. Unfortunately, this is one TikTok food hack that did not live up to the hype.

Now we're wondering if the "Everybody's so creative" TikToker has weighed in on this trend.

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