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This story was updated in August 2023.

They're the words that strike fear into the hearts of anyone who posts their off-beat home recipe on TikTok: "Everybody's so creative!" 

Philadelphia-based Tanara Mallory, who goes by @tanaradoublechocolate on TikTok and has more than 3.7 million followers, gleefully comments on cooking videos that look downright disgusting. Beef Wellington made with leaves and husks? Check! Litter Box Cake? Check! Hot dogs slathered with honey and served with marshmallows? Check, check (gag), check!

In one food video, Mallory absolutely destroys a home cook making a one-pan rendition of ... enchiladas? We think? The video shows the cook adding a log of ground beef, a can of refried beans, an entire block of Velveeta cheese, a jar of salsa, and more ingredients that make our stomach flip. "It ain't gonna slide down easy if it ain't cheesy," Mallory jokes as an entire package of shredded cheese is dumped over the monstrosity. 

Other videos of hers poke fun at nachos built in a baby pool, peanut butter spread over steak, and a macaroni and cheese ice cream shake (excuse us while we throw up a little). Though the recipes are wildly varied with surprising ingredients, the one constant is Mallory exclaiming, "Everybody's so creative!" at the beginning of each video.

If you aren't a fan of TikTok, you can find Mallory's videos on YouTube or even order a personalized message from her via Cameo

If you are a fan, though, don't look for Mallory in a sitcom or doing stand-up. A production cook at a chain supermarket, Mallory turned to the app to have a distraction during a months-long recovery from surgery. 

"I have no theater background and I'm not a comedian," Mallory told Philly Voice. "This is just me giving viewers a slightly elevated version of myself. It started out as something fun and has turned into something more than I ever could have imagined." Let's just hope she never has to eat any of the foods she famously lampoons on TikTok.

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