'A Truly Exquisite Manhattan Dining Experience': Hilarious Five-Star Fast-Food Yelp Reviews

Hilarious Five-Star Fast-Food Yelp Reviews

Cheapism; Jeff K./Yelp

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Hilarious Five-Star Fast-Food Yelp Reviews
Cheapism; Jeff K./Yelp

Gourmet Dining

Not everybody thinks of fast-food as the lowest end of the restaurant scene; in fact, some people have terrific experiences.

Are those people the ones we want speaking for us as a civilization? That remains to be seen, but take a look at these five hilarious fast-food reviews, all of which are absolutely glowing. 

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big mac
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism
McD Hot Mustard

2. Exquisite

Short and sweet is the name of the game on Yelp, and for KC B., this Manhattan McDonald’s delivered. “A truly exquisite Manhattan dining experience,” they write simply. Plus, the hot mustard sauce gets a shout-out, described as “out of this world.” You love to see it.

Taco Bell
White Castle Sliders
Jeff K./Yelp

4. Poetry

Joe G. elected to write a poem about his White Castle experience, only some of which can be repeated here. We’ll drop you this beautiful couplet as an example of the poetry being spun in this review: “For a bite of that two and a half inch square/The meat melts in my mouth as do my cares.” The rest is, uh, a little too inappropriate for print; let’s just say you’d need to be in a "50 Shades of Grey" kind of mindset. 

buttermilk biscuits from popeyes
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism