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Want to go to Finland, the country the United Nations named the happiest one on earth? Want to go there for free? And learn about happiness while you're there for a minimum of four days this summer? Great! There's a contest for that.

Finland is currently offering a two-phase application on its website for its four-day "Masterclass of Happiness" for those who want in. First, just fill out a form with basic information, then take a social media "challenge" by heading to TikTok or Instagram to post a video explaining why you want to be in the masterclass and why you think you have an inner Finn, then share it with the hashtags #FindYourInnerFinn and #VisitFinland.

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It's a small price to pay given that the four-day trip to a luxury Lakeland region resort in Finland will include excellent food (one of the Finnish secrets of happiness), a deluxe villa with its own private sauna and spa (saunas are also key to Finnish joy), and, while there are no TVs so you can enjoy a digital detox, there is Wi-Fi. There will also be four happiness coaches to help you find your inner Finn.

There are rules, of course. You must be over 18, fluent in English, outgoing and open-minded, and open to being filmed. Fortunately, you won't have to compete with many big-name influencers since the rules say anyone representing a brand can't apply. 

You may also want to get hopping, as the deadline is April 2.

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