Spam figgy pudding


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Spam is no stranger to unveiling unexpected products (pumpkin spice Spam was a real thing, for crying out loud), but its latest seasonal product might just be its most perplexing canned offering yet. Figgy pudding Spam is marketed as "flavor, spice, and everything nice," though we're not quite buying into that description. 

You know the sound the jellied cranberry makes as it plops out of the can all in one piece, jiggling ever so slightly when it hits the dish? We imagine hearing a similar muffled splat when figgy pudding Spam descends from its can and smacks the plate. The two-pack dessert-in-a-tin features notes of cinnamon and nutmeg along with orange and fig flavors all wrapped up in one questionably textured product.

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Whether you're a fan of the traditional British Christmas dessert and you want to see how Spam's iteration checks out or you're just a glutton for culinary punishment, you can grab this limited-time variety now at,, and Amazon for about $10. 

You may want to act fast though, after all, pumpkin spice Spam sold out within seven hours of release in 2019, as difficult as that may be to believe. But, hey, perhaps it was a Christmas miracle.

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