The Most Ridiculous Fast-Food April Fools' Day Pranks From Your Favorite Chains

Fast Food April Fools' Day

Cheapism/Auntie Anne's/Burger King/BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

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Fast Food April Fools' Day
Cheapism/Auntie Anne's/Burger King/BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

Fast-Food Flukes for Fools

Every year around the first of April, at least a few fast-food joints dish up some absurd gimmick, trying to pass it off as the latest and greatest menu item. Fans will either lose their minds with excitement or stir up a disgruntled uproar online only to discover on April 2 that the whole thing was just a joke. Well, it's almost April, ya fools, and we're rounding up some of the most bonkers fast-food April Fools' Day pranks we've seen over the years.

BJ's Pizickle Pizookie
BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

BJ's Pizickle Pizookie (2024)

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse is a hand-crafted pizza joint that also offers pizza-cookie hybrids, known as Pizookies, on the dessert menu. Just in time for April Fool's Day this year, the chain has announced a pickle version of its cookie-pizza hybrid. While we know the pickle craze is going strong and the press release of this briney dessert swears up and down it's not a joke, we're on our tippy toes about it. 

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Culver's CurderBurger
Auntie Anne's perfume
Auntie Anne's

Auntie Anne's Perfume (2018)

The smell of Auntie Anne's pretzels is our siren song every time we stroll around the mall food court. It's salty, buttery, and downright mesmerizing. Still, we wouldn't choose it over Chanel No. 5 in the perfume department, so it's a good thing the pretzel joint's fragrance was a fluke

McDonald's Micro Mac

McDonald's Micro Mac (2017)

Have you ever ordered a Big Mac and wished it was precisely 1/48th the size of the one you received? That's what McDonald's claimed the Micro Mac to be. It was a fit-within-a-pinch burger nibble that turned out to be a goofy gimmick after all. This didn't surprise many people since this gag wasn't all that believable to begin with.

Burger King chicken fries shake
Burger King

Burger King's Chicken Fries Shake (2016)

Give us a second, guys. We have to shake off the shudders. This one makes us gag every time. We imagine the contents of a shake like this are similar to the goop they create fast-food chicken nuggets with, and not even whipped cream could make that stuff slurpable. 

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Chick-fil-A steak filet sandwich

Chick-fil-A's Steak Filet Sandwich (2012)

Chick-fil-A suspiciously announced their first-ever foray into the beef market, the steak filet sandwich, on April 1, 2012. Here's a tip for you, folks: If a fast-food chain unveils an eyebrow-raising new menu item on April 1 or a couple of days ahead of it, you can bet your behind it's probably a prank. Alas, the chicken chain couldn't part ways with its cow holding the "Eat Mor Chikin" sign, so steak was a no-go.

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