Culver's CurderBurger


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What started as an April Fool's Day prank turned into a phenomenon last year when Culver's decided to bring the CurderBurger to life for one day only. In true cult-like, fast-food crazed fashion, customers swarmed restaurants to the point that many sold out within hours, obliterating single-day sales records. Whether you were lured in by the idea of deep-fried cheese on a butter burger and scored the coveted delicacy or sat with disappointment in your car after being told the CurderBurger was sold out, your moment is back, and this time you have more than one day to seize it: Culver's is bringing the oddball menu item back Oct. 12 and plans to sell it through Oct. 31.

If you missed the CurderBurger buzz last year and are wondering what you'll get when you order one, brace yourself: It's a deluxe cheeseburger with a deep-fried cheese patty on it, so if your normal Culver's order is a butter burger with a side of cheese curds, the CurderBurger puts it all under one bun. The CurderBurger's recommended price is $7.59, though the cost varies by location.

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With three weeks instead of just a day, Culver's patrons should find the CurderBurger easier to get this go-around, but if you want to try one, better act fast: There's no telling when or if the CurderBurger will appear on the menu again.

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