People's Go-To Fancy Frugal Meals


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You'll Definitely Want To Air Out The Kitchen.

There's nothing like carving out some time for yourself to put together an economically efficient meal that you'd otherwise have to dig a bit deep into your wallet for. 

It's an educational Reddit thread like the one we have here that shines a helpful light on the fact that just because you're caught up in a financial rut doesn't mean that you can't feast like your upcoming utility bill isn't providing you with a steady, painfully predictable cortisol spike most mornings that you rise to apprehensively greet the day. 

We do have to say that the fancy yet frugal sushi bake sounds like it could pack a potent aromatic punch if you give it a try. 


Tis the Season.

Soup season is pretty much in full swing at this point as we continue to cruise through autumn. So, when you mention word of an affordable soup and dumpling recipe, you know we're interested right off the bat. 


Since When Has Curry Ever Not Hit The Spot.

A homemade curry that doesn't break the bank? All way in. 


Mac And Cheese Can Be Easily Elevated In Terms Of Flavor. Thank Goodness.

It's really not that hard to take the proverbial budget meal that is mac and cheese, and with peppers and/or spiced meats you can easily make the dish tasty enough to forget that you're scraping by on the coattails of not absolutely terribly priced mac and cheese. 


The Sushi Bake Could Really Catch On.

If this isn't the most American take on a sushi dish of sorts, we honestly don't know what is. With that being said, it did seem like folks were (naturally) divided over whether this could be the meal stuff of greatness, or a complete, stomach-turning mess that leaves your walls stained with an oceanic stink. 

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Don't Knock It Till You Try It.

We might have a winner here with this whole elaborate McSushi meal. At the very least, it sounds like it's worth a shot. 


Some Stock Aromatherapy. Yes, please.

With winter looming on the horizon, people are going to be sharing their best soup recipes, and with all those soups comes the potential for some delightful smelling kitchens. This recipe sounds like it has a lot of potential. 


Bring On All The Flavors.

Sometimes, the more flavors the better. You'll have to be the judge on this recipe though. 


These Both Sound Like Frugal Meal Winners.

French Onion Soup is a hard dish to not like during this time of year. 


Ah Yes, Beef Stew. Hello, My Old Friend.

If you haven't had some proper beef stew with a big ole loaf of bread when it's cold enough to heavily encourage you to not leave your artificially lit or candlelit cave unless most necessary, then you're missing out. With this recipe, your wallet won't get too upset either.