Everyday Items You Definitely Shouldn't Cheap Out On

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Cheapism / Reddit / Jae Young Ju/istockphoto

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Cheap Things Cover Image Reddit
Cheapism / Reddit / Jae Young Ju/istockphoto

There Are Certain Things That Are Just Worth The Extra Change.

We are 100% here to support the ongoing dedication toward identifying all deals and methods to save as much money as possible in an era that seems bent on making the cost of living laughably high. And by "laughing", we mean the nervous/scared laughter one might involuntarily release in a moment of great duress while watching an especially spooky movie. 

That all being said, there are still some purchases to be made out there that while they hurt the bank account more than if you'd kept it cheap, they can pay off in the long run. This Reddit thread shines a light on the items that you might just be well-advised to fork over your extra hard-earned funds for. 


Those Trash Bags Are Worth It.

Perhaps the only thing more momentarily exasperating than finally taking the trash out is to attempt to take the trash out, only to have your flimsy trash bag break and leave you with an eruption of last week's moldy mess of a situation. So, erring on the slightly pricier side and going for the nicer trash bags can certainly serve as a solid insurance policy. 


Don't Sleep On The HQ Tape.

Always better to make a tasking job, like painting a room, that much simpler. 


In All Fairness, We Do Use Chargers Quite Often.

Nothing quite like waiting around for what can feel like an eternity for your phone to charge only to realize you've been waiting for your off-brand charger to muster up but a measly 3% of life. 


At Least The Pricier Socks Might Last Longer.

So there really is something to the whole "performance" underwear thing. 


No More Jagged Cuts.

Honestly, this could pay off big time in the long run if you're someone who likes to put various stylistic twists on clothing that you own. 


So A Generic Brand Bandage Could Literally Do Damage.

If you're wounded and need the bandage, it could really help you out to just go for the upgraded bandage, after all. 


Definitely Worth A Shot At Least.

When it comes to having any means to make the task of cleaning easier, we're definitely open-minded to hearing about what else is out there. Apparently Sponge Daddy could be onto something. At least that's what this Redditor thought. 


We All Spend Enough Time In The Bathroom As It Is.

To be able to enjoy the high-quality toilet paper is to be able to enjoy the lifestyle of the rich and the famous. 


Yeah, Hard Pass On The Brick Face Shave.

This actually makes sense. 


Brittle Plastic, Yum.

Okay, but there are definitely some solid cheap cheese options out there. 


Apparently Great Value Is Tapped In.

Again, nobody likes taking the trash out only to find yourself confronted by the ugly smiling face of another bigger mess. 


Okay, But A Q Tip Stuck In The Ear Sounds Mortifying.

Yeah, that sounds like a completely disastrous scenario. 


Forever Would Seem to Be a Pretty Good Lifespan Value.

If the financial resources are there, could at least be an avenue to consider. 


This Is Definitely One That Will Divide Folks.

Do the tools define the handyperson or not though. 


The Cat Litter Could Be Clutch.

Nobody likes a living space that has been overtaken by the dense and nausseating air of a cat simply having to do its thing every now and again. Nicer cat litter could be worth it, after all. 


In All Fairness, Not All Cheap Stuff Breaks Faster.

Maybe they're onto something with the batteries though. 


One Simply Must Keep A Watchful Eye Out For Those Super Sales.

They had us at "Super Sale."