Dollar General Retail Location. Dollar General is a small box discount retailer.


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Like that pair of pants you wore in high school that you've been refusing to get rid of because you know they'll fit you again someday, the U.S. labor market is tight. You can scan the windows of local businesses in just about any community and find "Now Hiring" and "We're closing early today due to staffing shortages" signs on display. Recently, a Dollar General worker was the only one to show up for her shift — and she took to TikTok to share how fed up she's become with the way colossal corporations treat their staff as dime-a-dozen, disposable employees. 

@danisodope And this is why working for other people is not for me. These companies will literally throw you to the wolves and tell you “good luck” and then have the audacity to be upset at you for not succeeding to their standards. F🤬ck DG #f#fypf#fypシd#danirantsi#isaidwhatisaidd#danisodopei#iquit ♬ original sound - Dani ✨🪐🤎

In her video, which went viral with more than a million views within the first 24 hours, user @danisodope explained that she was the only person who showed up for her shift at the Dollar General store. She went on to say that she had to work at the store by herself one other time, too, and that customers were not understanding of her situation. Without a cashier clerk, the employee would be expected to stock the shelves, manage the shift, and run the cash register all alone, all while she "barely gets paid enough to show up" to work at the largest discount retailer in the nation. The worker said if her cashier didn't come in, she would be closing the store down instead, and ended her video with an understandably fed up, "Today is my last day."

The exasperated employee shared another video shedding light on other concerning working conditions at the Dollar General location, showing that the store's temperature inside was a sweat-inducing 82 degrees. She said that management staff had been "screaming and yelling" at the team to "get work done" and threatening to fire all of them (uh, no wonder no one wanted to come to work that day). Of her wages, she said she would be able to make more on unemployment than working at Dollar General, which she cited as the reason so many people are complacent with not having a job. 

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Despite the TikTok user saying that day at work would be her last, it doesn't appear that she officially quit her job. But a follow-up video she posted showed that her shifts for the following week were slashed, giving her just ten-and-a-half hours of work for the week. Look at Dollar General keeping it classy. 

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