Dollar General Markets Are an Actual Thing. Here's What You Need To Know

DG Market storefront

Cheapism / Rachel Schneider

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DG Market storefront
Cheapism / Rachel Schneider

This Little DG Went to Market

Imagine my surprise when I was driving down the road in the tiny Michigan village I live in (population: 986), and I noticed a sign for a new business coming to town called DG Market. Surely it had no affiliation to the Dollar General that already existed two miles down the road in the next town over, right? 

Wrong. Construction on the new store was completed quickly, and soon enough a Dollar General Market was unveiled. Naturally, I planned a trip immediately so I could document the entire experience and share it with the world. Here are 11 things to know about this new affordable market.

inside of DG Market
Cheapism / Rachel Schneider

1. They're Not Much Bigger Than Your Average Dollar General Store

Before the market came to fruition, I imagined it would be a little bigger than the regular Dollar General stores you can find every few feet across the nation. Alright, so maybe they're not that abundant, but it's not too far off: A publicist for Dollar General told me that "approximately 75% of the U.S. population lives within five miles of one of its general merchandise stores." 

DG Markets are modestly sized buildings. Inside, the store did look a bit more spacious because it was so new, clean, and organized. The sections of the store are labeled, and there are plenty of visual zones to create the illusion of more space.

DG Market interior
Cheapism / Rachel Schneider

2. The New Markets are Strategically Located

Living in a rural village as small as the one I live in (it's not even considered a town for crying out loud), it felt entirely random that Dollar General would plop a fancy new store in our area. So to get to the bottom of it, I asked Dollar General's publicist what was up with that. "In selecting store sites, we take a number of factors into consideration, carefully evaluating each potential new store location to ensure we can continue to meet our customers’ price, value and selection needs," they said. 

There is only one other grocery store within 15 miles of where I live. It closes before it gets dark outside and doesn't open until everyone has already punched the clock at work for the day, so DG saw an opportunity and sprung into action. Admittedly, I've hit this place up quite a few times when I run out of something random, and I've seen other folks doing the same.

Dollar General

3. It's Not the Only Other Dollar General Spinoff You'll See

I had never heard of any Dollar General spinoffs before, but apparently DG Market isn't a brand new concept — and it's not the only one beneath the Dollar General brand, either. The publicist told me that the store also has DGX stores in a few urban locations. From what I gather, these are like regular Dollar Generals with a convenience store flare to them.

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produce section at DG market
Cheapism / Rachel Schneider

4. The Produce Offerings are Carefully Selected

I was surprised at the store's produce selection and realized that all of the usual suspects (bananas, strawberries, oranges, salad kits) were present. That's because "Dollar General’s produce set offers the top 20 items typically sold in traditional grocery stores and covers approximately 80% of produce categories most grocery stores carry," according to the publicist. Smart stuff. 

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DG market fresh meat
Cheapism / Rachel Schneider

5. There's a Fresh Meat Section, Too

DG Market's fresh meat section has some staples, and although it's not going to stack up against the local butcher shops in the area, the selection is nice (they even had baby back ribs). The store offers the opportunity to do all of your grocery shopping there if you really wanted to.

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health aisle at dg market
Cheapism / Rachel Schneider

6. The Health Aisle Looks Like a Drugstore ...

Maybe it was because I had already wrapped my brain around the fact that I was going to be met with Dollar General's version of a grocery store, but the groceries weren't actually the most impressive part of my experience. I was entirely blown away by the health and beauty sections of the store (more on that in a bit). The health aisle had all of the medicine one would be searching for in a bind, and if you're closer to a DG Market than a drugstore, you'd fair just fine at the former.

beauty aisle at dg market
Cheapism / Rachel Schneider

7. ... And the Beauty Aisle Is No Slouch, Either

There are multiple aisles of beauty products at DG Market, and you can find everything from makeup to bath bombs. There were so many big-name brands that I lost count. And the prices weren't marked up from what you'd find at a store like Walmart, either (sometimes dollar stores will get you there). 

dg market aisle
Cheapism / Rachel Schneider

8. Plenty of Items Will Look Familiar

Don't shy away from a DG Market if you're not after groceries, because the stores still have lots of the same things your regular Dollar General has, from home decor to trash bags. I will say, though, that the O.G. Dollar General has a better selection of party supplies, although there are some at DG Market.

self-checkout at dg market
Cheapism / Rachel Schneider

9. You'll Feel Encouraged To Use the Self-Checkout

The breathing cashier in this store is hidden, guys. There are four self-checkout kiosks, but pay attention to the signage. At the store I visited, the ones on the right were card-only, and you could use cash or card on the left side. 

gift card wall at dg market
Cheapism / Rachel Schneider

10. The Gift Card Selection Is Abundant

I have never seen so many gift cards on one small wall in my life. True story. Conveinently located right by the self-checkout. I see you, DG.

dg market interior
Cheapism / Rachel Schneider

11. There Will Definitely (Maybe) Be More Stores to Come

Fresh produce isn't a new concept to Dollar General. In fact, there are more than 5,400 stores with produce in them, although not many of those are considered DG Markets. Dollar General's publicist told me that there are plans to add produce to around 1,500 more stores in 2024, although "for competitive reasons, we do not disclose our store plans by format." Translation: You'll just have to wait and see if the DG Market sign pops up near you.

In the meantime, you can also use the DG store locator and its filters for all current locations.