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Have you ever sat down on the toilet and thought to yourself, “Gosh, this would be so much more comfortable with a pillow?” Neither have we. So we were extremely fascinated to see that the world’s first luxury toilet pillow has been invented. It is called — wait for it— the Potty Pillow.

Just when you thought your partner couldn’t spend any longer on the toilet, the world has to go and make something to keep them there.

Here’s the spiel: Slumping on a toilet isn’t very comfortable. According to the company, you’ll end up with lower back and shoulder pain, and even poor circulation. Toilets are cold and hard and make you have poor posture — they’re an all around unpleasant experience! Enter the Potty Pillow. The company claims it “luxuriously bridges the gap between your back and the toilet lid for instant comfort, lumbar support, and an improved posture resulting in a relaxed pelvic floor.”

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Umm, ok. But (or should we say butt) one of our bigger questions is: How does this thing stay clean? Supposedly the pillow is coated with an antimicrobial material, which reduces germs, mold, and bacteria by 99.99%. So what you’re saying is, there’s a chance of germs, mold, and bacteria? Eeeeek. Anyhoo, the pillow is also water-resistant (as it well should be, no?) and can be cleaned by spraying or wiping it down. You can also remove the cover and hand wash it should you choose. It comes with a storage pouch so you can take it with you on all your travels — because nothing is as good as your home toilet, right?

Okay, we admit we haven’t tried this thing, but maybe it makes sense if you have a back injury and need some temporary support? Or are pregnant or postpartum? We can’t say it’s the worst idea for that. We even love the product's origin story: The founder invented the pillow because, when she was child in Liberia, the bathroom was the only alone time she had living in a house full of extended family. 

What if you just want to try this to make the bathroom “experience” more relaxing and enjoyable? We suggest you absolutely do not buy this if you have a partner — unless you never want to see them again.

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