10 Discontinued Foods We Miss From the '60s

discontinued 60s snacks cover photo

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discontinued 60s snacks cover photo
eBay / Cheapism

Snacks of the Sixties

From cereals and crackers to candy bars and chips, the '60s debuted plenty of delicious snacks that, much to our dismay, have since been discontinued. While some, like Bugles, proved to have staying power, others fizzled out over time — including Fruit Stripe gum, which got the final axe at the beginning of 2024. 

Here are some of the most beloved snacks of the decade that we're still longing for. Don't see your favorite on the list? Let us know in the comments!

Nabisco Ham n Swiss crackers
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1. Nabisco's Swiss n' Ham and Bacon Thins

Nowadays, you have to spend money on lunch meat and cheese to accomplish this flavor combination with your favorite box of crackers. But in the glory days of the '60s, Nabisco offered the whole palate in one nifty little cracker.

Fruit Stripes gum
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2. Fruit Stripe Gum

This beloved gum was discontinued at the beginning of 2024, but it was so iconic that we already miss it. The taste of each strip didn't last very long (mere minutes), but the flavor was immaculate regardless. RIP delicious rainbow zebra. 

Chit-Chat crackers

3. Chit Chat Crackers

The '60s gave us so many flavor-filled crackers. Chit Chats boasted a bold barbecue flavor that negated the need for extra frills like dip, cheese, or lunch meat. It was a simpler time, and we're still pining for pieces of it. 

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Nabisco Corn Diggers
eBay / Runaway Resale

4. Corn Diggers

Touted as a "popcorn tastin' snack" (Yee-haw!), Nabisco's Corn Diggers were a cracker-corn chip hybrid. The snack's scoop shape made it ideal for dipping. These days, we suppose Fritos Scoops are a just-fine stand-in. 

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Mickey’s Launch Pak – Orbits – Creme Filled Frosted Devil’s Food cakes box

5. Creme-Filled Frosted Devil's Food Orbits

Why is it that we're in 2024 and somehow packaging and branding seems lackluster compared to the snack designs of decades past? These Orbits are a prime example. They look pretty comparable to a Hostess snack cake, but the astronaut and bright colors are way more compelling than some block red letters on a plain blue and white background (sorry, Hostess). 

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1960s Whistles corn chips
Flings cheese curls
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7. Flings

Flings were basically cheese puffs that were offered in flavors you'd be perplexed by nowadays. If you saw Chester marketing ham and Swiss or chicken-flavored cheese puffs, you'd think it was a gimmick. But in the '60s, Flings were the jam.

Post Crispy Critters cereal
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8. Post Crispy Critters Cereal

Nothing taps nostalgia quite like cereal. There have been so many brands to pop up throughout the years, and one of the '60s greats was Post's Crispy Critters. The animal-shaped cereal was known for having fun cartoon characters on the box to make the packaging all the more appealing. 

Quake and Quisp cereal
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9. Quake and Quisp Cereal

Can we please go back to the days when cereal was deeply rooted in cartoon mascots with exceedingly entertaining commercials? Sure, this sweetened cereal tasted great, but the characters were the biggest selling point for this stuff — not surprising, since they were created by Jay Ward, who created Rocky and Bullwinkle. 

Quaker Dippy Canoes
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10. Quaker Dippy Canoes

So ... like giant Fritos, but with a more straightforward descriptive name? These must have been the most beautiful vessels for dips. C'mon, Quaker, bring back Dippy Canoes!