50 Delicious Diabetic Dessert Recipes Everyone Will Love


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When it's dessert time, diabetics have to exercise caution since a spike in blood sugar can be problematic. But that doesn't mean dessert is something diabetics have to give up. All of these treats are tasty enough to serve to people with or without blood-sugar concerns. What's more, making your own diabetic-friendly desserts can be much cheaper than relying on store-bought options.

Coconut Cream & Fruit Topped Cake
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This tropical delight is sweetened with honey for a light sweetness. Extra flavor and natural sweetness come from the fresh fruit toppings. The coconut cream is made with low-fat cream cheese, making this cake even healthier. Recipe: Diabetic Living

apple cheddar pie
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Apples are so naturally sweet that a little boost from a sugar substitute is all that's needed. The apple juice concentrate also helps to add natural fruit sugars for a pop of flavor without relying on white, processed sugars. Recipe: Taste of Home

Grilled Stone Fruit
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Giving freshly sliced peaches, nectarines, and apricots a turn on the grill adds a caramelization that intensifies their natural sweet-tart flavor. With the heightened flavors there is no need for extra sugar of any kind, making this an easy and natural way to satisfy a sweet tooth. This recipe uses peaches. Recipe: The Kitchn

Banana Chia Pudding
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Chia pudding is actually a superfood dessert that is beneficial to health, making even more of a case to include dessert into your daily routine. Just a touch of honey sweetens this protein rich dessert that promotes steady blood sugar while incorporating a hefty dose of fiber, especially beneficial for those with diabetes. Recipe: Allrecipes

Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies
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Peanut butter and chocolate is a flavor match made in heaven, and it's also a boost of nutrition in desserts thanks to the added protein and sugar-stabilizing natural fats in peanut butter. This recipe also provides alternatives to wheat flour for those who want to take it a step further. Recipe: Diabetic Living

Low Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies
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These cookies use just a tiny amount of sugar and get an extra boost of protein and fat from almond butter for a balanced lineup of ingredients. Omitting the flour lowers the carb load and creates a dense and almost fudgy cookie that feels even more indulgent than traditional cookies. Recipe: Martha Stewart

Cookies 'n' Cream Crunch
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This ice-box cake adaptation uses sugar-free versions of classic treats like cookies and ice cream to make a classically flavored frozen dessert. You can customize the dish by substituting your favorite sugar-free flavored cookies and ice cream to mix and match. Recipe: Health

Low-Carb Blondies
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These blondies feature a healthy, low-carb profile and are made using almond butter and quinoa flour. The flavor is enhanced with the unique ingredients, which offer a little more richness while preserving a dense and chewy texture. Recipe: Eating Well

Macerated Strawberries
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Berries are one of nature's best forms of sweetness and flavor for those with sugar sensitivities. In this recipe, strawberries get a little boost from different flavored liquids to highlight their flavors while remaining low in sugar. Recipe: Add a Pinch

Sour Cream Banana Cake
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This simple cake gets a rich texture from the sour cream and stays low in sugar thanks to sugar-free sweeteners and ripe banana. This cake can be the base for other creations like layer cakes, cupcakes, or muffins. Recipe: Just a Pinch

Frozen Yogurt Fruit Pops
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These ice-cream-like frozen treats are low in fat and carbs while remaining thick and creamy, thanks to Greek yogurt. This recipe calls for strawberries, but any low-glycemic fruit would work well. Recipe: American Diabetes Association

Baked Apples
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This healthy recipe tastes like apple pie, without the heavy carb load. Super simple to make, these baked apples can be made in advance and eaten warm, cold, or at room temperature for dessert anytime, even for breakfast with a scoop of yogurt. Recipe: American Diabetes Association

Sugar-Free Chocolate Bark
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Fine chocolate shouldn't be an unattainable treat for those with diabetes, so making your own with a sugar substitute is a great way to have it on hand. Making your own also enables you to control the amount of sweetener to ensure a healthy balance. Recipe: Low Carb Yum

Fruit Salad
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Fruit salad is a light dessert that is satisfying after a large meal or in warm weather. Going heavy on the berries ensures that the overall carb load is low and minimizes the risk of blood-sugar spikes. Recipe: Diabetes Self-Management

Pumpkin Maple Crustless Cheesecake
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Cheesecake is a rich dessert that can hit the spot with just a small serving. Making a crustless version instantly cuts down on the sugar and overall carbs to make it even more diabetic-friendly. Recipe: Diabetic Gourmet

Double-Chocolate Brownies
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When eaten in moderation, brownies are okay to include in your dessert routine. These super gooey brownies are balanced with plenty of fat and tons of high-quality chocolate for lots of flavor that doesn't rely on sugar. Recipe: Reader's Digest

Ginger Spiced Cupcakes
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These cupcakes are flavored for the winter holidays. The generous use of baking spices adds flavor without calories while the molasses and unsweetened apple sauce both help to create a soft texture and sweet profile without too much additional sugar. Recipe: Everyday Diabetic Recipes

Creamy Baked Custards
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This baked custard has a soft and creamy texture. The flavor and sweetness mostly come from fruit, rather than added sugar. Customize this recipe by adding your favorite fresh fruits for an even lighter version. Recipe: Reader's Digest

Fresh Fruit with Tahini
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This inventive dessert is fresh, light, and something out of the ordinary. Tahini is a sesame seed paste, and it's often used in desserts from the Middle East. This recipe gets a dose of sweetness from applesauce. Recipe: Martha Stewart

Cinnamon Banana Cake with Chocolate Ganache
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This pretty looking cake is moist and sweet, even though it uses small amounts of sugar or sugar substitutes and whole-wheat pastry flour for half of the flour content. Mashed banana is always a go-to for great texture and flavor when trying to cut down on fat and sugar. Recipe: Diabetic Living

Chocolate Mousse
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Using high-quality chocolate is the key to getting a super-flavorful mousse without a ton of sugar. Good chocolate allows you to go even lighter on sugar or sugar substitutes while keeping a full body and rich flavor profile. Recipe: OnTrack Diabetes

Coconut Fruit S'mores
Photo credit: Courtesy of bhg.com

This twist on a classic treat allows those with diabetes to enjoy s'mores just like everyone else. Using coconut and berries brings down the overall glycemic load of the dish, and substituting dark chocolate for classic milk chocolate cuts the sugar down significantly while also pairing better with the sweet and tart blackberries. Recipe: Better Homes & Gardens

Sugar-Free Christmas Cookies
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The holidays can be an especially hard time for those with sugar sensitivities, so it's always nice to include a diabetic-friendly recipe in the lineup. These classic and colorful cookies can be made with a sugar substitute of your choice to make them safe for everyone to enjoy. Recipe: Diabetic Gourmet

Mini Éclair Bites
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These irresistible bites convey all of the best parts of traditional bakery items into one small package. Keeping the portion size small allows for a full on indulgence in moderation, which will help keep blood-sugar levels stable. Recipe: Everyday Diabetic Recipes

Soft Snickerdoodles
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The use of nuts and whole-wheat flour brings substance and nutrition to these cookies. The generous portion of cinnamon added into this recipe also helps boost sweetness without additional sugar or sugar substitute. Recipe: Better Recipes

Lemon Squares
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Rich and packed with flavor, a small portion of these lemon squares goes a long way toward satisfying a sweet tooth. The almond flour in the crust helps bring down the overall carb load while adding another layer of aroma to the finished dish. Recipe: Diabetic Connect

Sugar-Free Pineapple Cake
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This tropically flavored cake is ornate enough for any celebration. This recipe takes advantage of store-bought sugar-free mixes for an easy preparation of multiple parts that all come together to create one creamy, soft, dream of a cake. Recipe: Rose Bakes

Carrot Cake
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Carrot cake gets a lot of its flavor and moisture from grated carrots, already lightening the load for those watching their fat and sugar intake. This recipe takes it a step further by including protein- and fiber-rich flax meal that makes this dessert a healthy-ish option at the end of any festive meal. Recipe: Amanda's Cookin'

Spice Cake
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Spice cake uses a variety of different seasonings like nutmeg, vanilla, and cinnamon and is easily customized. Using applesauce for sweetness and add-ins like raisins creates a treat that is light on sugar yet full on flavor. Recipe: Sunrise Senior Living

Chocolate Nut Cookies
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These all-purpose chocolate cookies are versatile to enjoy on their own or use in other recipes. Using nuts and high-quality chocolate is key to creating the pleasant crumbly texture and a deep chocolate flavor that is just lightly sweetened. Recipe: InformationAboutDiabetes.com

Gummy Worms
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Sometimes a light-hearted, kid-friendly dessert is in order, like chewy gummy worms. With the accent on the texture and fun colors, these sugar-free candies get just a touch of sweetness from sugar alternatives in pre-made gelatin and drink mixes. Recipe: Everyday Diabetic Recipes

Crustless Pumpkin Pie
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A wintertime staple, pumpkin pie can be turned into a diabetic-friendly recipe with two simple tweaks. Using a sugar substitute along with nixing the crust reduces the risk of any blood-sugar spikes while maintaining the creamy and deeply flavored pie interior, which is the best part anyway. Recipe: Emory Healthcare

Almond Macaroons
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These airy little cookies are based on wheat germ and eggs. The addition of almond extract gives them a boost of flavor without adding any extra carbs, calories, or sugar. You could play around with different extracts for different flavored cookies, like vanilla, orange, or even mint. Recipe: TypeFreeDiabetes

Fruit Compote A La Mode
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This fruit compote is made using unsweetened dried fruit and orange juice. Simmering the fruit, juice, and spices together creates a deeply rich flavor without any added sugars. Topped with a small amount of frozen yogurt, it becomes a decadent dessert. Recipe: Mayo Clinic

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake
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This cheesecake preserves the crust for those who simply cannot do without it. But to make it diabetic friendly, the crust is made from chopped nuts and almond flour, rather than cookies that are high in sugar and carbs. Using sugar-free sweeteners and chocolate chips is also an option to make the entire dish sugar free. Recipe: SoFabFood

German Chocolate Cake
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Sometimes you just need a big slice of chocolate cake. This diabetic-friendly version uses unsweetened cocoa powder for a rich chocolatey taste and less than 1 cup of sweetener for the entire recipe. Recipe: O Taste and See

Chewy Turtle Cookies
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These decadent cookies take a few steps to put together, but they're worth the effort. They're made with non-wheat flours like coconut, tapioca, and almond. The sweeteners are honey and coconut sugar, though other sugar alternatives would work too. Recipe: The Healthy Foodie

Black Bean Brownies
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These may sounds strange, but black beans add texture and bulk to brownie batter and assimilate seamlessly into the dense mix and deep chocolatey flavor. Nuts, coconut, and oats also help prevent blood-sugar spikes, making these a healthy brownie! Recipe: Have Cake Will Travel

Poached Pears
Photo credit: sarsmis/shutterstock

This elegant dessert is easy to make. To create a flavorful poaching liquid, this recipe combines natural fruit juices and spices that will add layers of flavor and complement the natural sweetness of the fruit itself. Recipe: Just a Pinch

Pumpkin Mousse
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This sophisticated take on a seasonal staple is an ultra-light way to get your fix of sweet, pumpkin-spiced dessert. All squashes, including pumpkin, offer deep, natural sweetness without spiking blood sugar, making them a natural fit for diabetic-friendly desserts. Recipe: Diabetic Connect

Apple Coffee Cake
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Nuts, raisins, and apples add natural body and sweetness to this cake, allowing the recipe to cut back on added sweeteners and the total quantity of flour needed. The natural tartness of the apples actually makes the other ingredients seem more sweet, offering a balance of flavors in the finished cake. Recipe: TypeFreeDiabetes

Buckwheat Gingerbread Muffins
Photo credit: yanuz/shutterstock

These extra-hearty dessert muffins are void of any wheat flour, making them gluten-free and diabetic friendly. There is less than 1 cup of sugar used in the entire recipe, which can also be substituted out with any sugar alternative of your choice. Recipe: Sunset

Basic Chocolate Cake
Photo credit: Africa Studio/shutterstock

This recipe can be used as a sheet cake, adapted to cupcakes, or used to make elaborate layer cakes. The addition of strong black coffee into the mix deepens the flavor of the cocoa powder, making the taste extra bold and chocolatey. Recipe: Genius Kitchen

Blueberry Mint Coconut Popsicles
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These light and fruity frozen pops use just a touch of raw honey for sweetness. Blueberries are one of nature's sweetest fruits while still ranking low on sugar spikes and high on nutrition. Recipe: A Happy Food Dance

Lemon Pie
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A sugar-free lemon curd is the filling for this sweet and tart pie. The crust uses almond flour and coconut for a hearty flavor. The sweetener is optional in the crust, allowing for more flexibility in sweetness level and overall sugar intake. Recipe: SweetAsHoney

Sugar-Free Bounty Bars
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Chocolate and coconut are a dreamy combination that works well for low-sugar desserts. These bars use a sugar alternative that provides gentle sweetness to the chocolate, and the soft coconut inside provides just the right creamy texture. Recipe: SweetAsHoney

Hawaiian Pudding
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Sugar-free pudding is the base of this dessert parfait. The layers of flavor come from mandarin oranges and almond and/or orange extract, which boost the level of perceived sweetness without actually adding any additional sugars. Recipe: Everyday Diabetic Recipes

Dark Chocolate Mint Bites
Photo credit: Alp Aksoy/shutterstock

This no-bake recipe yields a delightful after-dinner bite that is diabetic- friendly. Rolled oats keep this recipe full of fiber and blood-sugar-stabilizing nutrients and make this a dessert that be enjoyed regularly. Recipe: Diabetic Living

Cottage Cheese Fluff
Photo credit: Brent Hofacker/shutterstock

Somewhere between a mousse and a cheesecake is where this dessert fits in. Using whipped topping and sugar-free gelatin mix, low-fat cottage cheese is turned into a sweet, protein-rich sweet dessert that can be enjoyed in fairly large portions. Recipe: Allrecipes

Berry Cobbler
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Berries are a lifesaver when it comes fruity, baked desserts, thanks to their intense zingy flavor that is at once sweet, tart, and always low on the glycemic index. Using apple juice concentrate to sweeten this dish keeps all of the required sugars natural and unprocessed. Recipe: Recipe4Living

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