Denny's Everyday Value Tee Black Friday


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If it's hard to go wrong with a $6 T-shirt, then it's impossible to pass up a $6 T-shirt that comes with a year's worth of Denny's breakfasts.

The diner chain is selling a T-shirt for $5.99 on Black Friday that entitles the wearer to one free Everyday Value Slam each day for a full year through December 2023. If you scored one of the shirts — dubbed the Everyday Value Tee to match the name of the meal — and got a breakfast every day, it would add up to $2,186 in free meals in the form of two eggs, two bacon strips or sausages, and pancakes, french toast, or biscuit and gravy.

Denny's isn't going to sell these to everyone who wants one, of course, or it'd lose a ton of money, so it's limiting the number of available T-shirts to 150. If you want to try your chance at snapping one up, head to on Thanksgiving night when they go on sale at midnight Eastern time. Chances are you'll have to click the buy button within seconds before they sell out.

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Don't think that you can game the system and just make your own version of the T-shirt, though. Each of the tees comes with a unique QR code sewn on the sleeve that must be scanned by a Denny's staff member to redeem the perk. And should you and one of your friends both manage to score one of the shirts, you'll have to pick and choose, because only one free meal can be redeemed per table. 

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