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Have you ever gone to Walmart or Target, strictly shopped the sales, and sworn your total amount due couldn't possibly be as much as the cashier said it was? Well, you might be on to something. Both retailers have recently gotten into hot water for over charging customers, finding themselves in an investigation and lawsuit and inspiring angry TikTok users to share their own experiences. 

One shopper noticed she was being overcharged by a few cents per item. That might seem like nothing to cause a stir about, but think about how much money Walmart is skimming from customers even if they charge just two pennies per item more than the list price. Like anything, it all adds up over time. Other customers have noticed overcharges of a few dollars more than the advertised price. The debacle sparked two class action lawsuits with ongoing investigations. Filed in August 2022 by Yoram Kahn, the suits allege that Target and Walmart use shelf pricing that misrepresent the prices consumers are charged when purchasing their items.

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Other TikTok users noticed phantom charges on their receipts, like one woman who noticed a $2 footwear charge when she didn't purchase any footwear. For shoppers looking to escape overcharging, checking receipts is a must — and cross-checking the receipt against the price on the shelf is paramount. 

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