Crumbl, Disney, and 9 Other Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies You Can Make at Home

Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies You Can Make at Home

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C is for Cookie

It doesn't get much better than fresh chocolate chip cookies. From the heavenly smell of baking that fills your house to tearing into them while they're still hot and gooey, they're a classic comfort food for a reason.

If you normally get your cookie fix at a bakery or on vacation, it's time to bring those cookies home to your own oven. Copycat recipes for famous chocolate chip cookies are endlessly popular, offering a way to relive nostalgic memories and make new ones in your own kitchen. Here are some of the best famous chocolate chip cookie recipes you can bake yourself — and chances are they'll be way cheaper than a trip to Disney World and easier than waiting hours in a bakery line.

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Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

1. Neiman Marcus

This chocolate chip cookie recipe is famous for being an urban legend. It made the rounds in the '80s and '90s as a chain letter, then circulated on the internet as well. The story goes, a woman was eating at a Neiman Marcus cafe, and asked for the cookie recipe. The server said it'd be "two-fifty," and when she got her bill, she saw it was $250. Therefore, it's also called the $250 Cookie recipe.

Weirdly, it's all made up. But this is the recipe that accompanied it, and it's a great one. The key is grinding oats into oatmeal flour, which gives the cookie a chewy texture without being too much like an oatmeal cookie.

Recipe: Brown Eyed Baker

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Slightly overdone chocolate chip cookies in a messy pile

2. Disney Grand Floridian

If you've ever stayed at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort on a Disneyworld vacation, then you're probably familiar with the amazing chocolate chip cookies they serve, with crispy edges and chewy middles. This recipe comes directly from the chef of the resort, so you'll be able to experience the same thing — just without the pricey hotel stay. Interestingly, this recipe calls for powdered sugar instead of granulated sugar.

Recipe: Disney Parks

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White chocolate chip and toffee cookies

3. Mama Kelce's

Donna Kelce raised two NFL-star sons — and may even become Taylor Swift's mother-in-law one day. When Travis and Jason faced off during the Super Bowl, she made her sons' favorite cookies. This is the recipe, and it includes both white and milk chocolate chips, pecans, and cinnamon for a unique twist on the classic chocolate chipper.

Recipe: Just a Taste

Subway footlong cookie

4. Subway

Subway has never released its chocolate chip cookie recipe, but thanks to the ingredients list, we can get close with a copycat recipe. It includes a little molasses and powdered milk for just the right flavor. The texture is soft and chewy just like at the restaurant. If you want to try making it Footlong cookie-like, you could always shape it in a log before baking.

Recipe: Two Pink Peonies

Gideon's Bakehouse chocolate chip cookie yelp
Morgan L. / Yelp

5. Gideon's Bakehouse

Gideon's is a bakery phenomenon. It started as a pop-up cookie bakery in Orlando, Florida, and eventually became the hottest dessert spot in Disney World. People wait in line for hours just to score one of the giant, chocolate chip-covered creations. This copycat recipe includes a full six cups of chocolate chips of various sizes and flavors so it's perfect for chocolate lovers.

Recipe: Cookies and Cups

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Chick-fil-A chocolate chunk cookies yelp
Samantha D. / Yelp

6. Chick-fil-A

Move over chicken nuggets, because the chocolate chunk cookies at Chick-fil-A are top-notch too. Make your own version at home with this recipe. It includes butter and shortening for a soft, moist texture, dark brown sugar for deep flavor, and a small amount of oatmeal, which are listed in Chick-fil-A's cookie ingredients. Make sure to use chocolate chunks instead of chips if you want it like the real thing.

Recipe: Lifestyle of a Foodie

Levain Bakery chocolate chip cookie yelp
J N. / Yelp

7. Levain Bakery

Levain Bakery is a famous NYC shop known for its absolutely massive cookies, but you don't have to wait in long lines to try one yourself with this recipe. It uses some cake flour, which keeps the huge cookies tender. Despite the size (the recipe calls for 3 cups of flour but only makes 8 cookies), they bake in no time, ensuring the middle stays gooey. 

Recipe: Modern Honey

Crumbl cookies
Lacey Muszynski / Cheapism

8. Crumbl

Crumbl is a bakery chain that popped up very quickly over the last few years. It sells giant cookies with a rotating menu of flavors, but the chocolate chip cookie is always available. Plenty of brown sugar keeps these big cookies soft and moist. Use large milk chocolate chips if you want to do it just like the bakery.

Recipe: Cooking With Karli

DoubleTree chocolate chip cookies

9. DoubleTree

If you've ever stayed at a DoubleTree hotel before, then you've had these chocolate chip cookies. Everyone who checks in gets one, and the best part is that they're always served warm. Hilton, which owns DoubleTree, released the official recipe, which includes oats, walnuts, and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Recipe: Hilton

Closeup of Four Chocolate Chip Cookies on a Metal Wire Baking Sheet on a Brown and White Checkered Tablecloth
Brenda Carson/shutterstock

10. Mrs. Fields

Who needs mall cookies when you can make Mrs. Fields classic cookies at home? This recipe is unusual because it uses cold butter instead of softened — perfect if you're the kind of person that never remembers to take it out of the fridge ahead of time. Do not skip resting the dough or you'll end up with flat and crunchier cookies.

Recipe: Averie Cooks

Potbelly cookies yelp
Dacia Z./Yelp

11. Potbelly

Not only does Potbelly have some of the best sandwiches around, its got some of the best chocolate chip cookies, too. While other cookies in this list have a little bit of oatmeal, these are officially called oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, so they're substantial and chewy. Make sure to use quick oats so they hydrate properly in the cookie dough before baking.

Recipe: Two Pink Peonies