Senior man holding covid-19 vaccination record card

Are You Vaccinated? Claim These Discounts and Freebies as a Reward

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Senior man holding covid-19 vaccination record card

A Shot at Savings

More Americans are getting their COVID-19 vaccination every day, hopefully bringing us closer to the pandemic’s end. And while that should be incentive enough to get the shot, some large companies and local businesses are starting to sweeten the deal with freebies, discounts, and other perks for the inoculated. Here are some places where flashing your vaccine card might get you more than a thumbs-up. 

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Staples, Office Depot, and OfficeMax: Free Vaccine Card Lamination

It’s hard to say where and when we’ll need to flash proof of COVID-19 vaccination in the future, but the nation's major office-supply chains are pitching in to keep your card in top shape. You can take it in for free lamination through May 1 at Staples and through July 25 at Office Depot at OfficeMax. 

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John Hancock: Free Reward Points

If you’ve got life insurance through John Hancock, make sure you’re a part of its Vitality rewards program before you get your shots. Participants who get their COVID-19 vaccines will get 400 reward points that can go toward perks like discounts on travel, retail, food, and fitness wearables.

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Local Restaurant Discounts

It remains to be seen whether many national chains will get on board with vaccine discounts, but some local restaurants are embracing the idea. Here are just a few: 

  • Brianno’s Deli Italia: This deli in Eagan, Minnesota, is giving customers a 10% discount through the end of April if they show proof they’ve been vaccinated. 

  • Brooklyn Brewery: Through the end of April, grab a four- or six-pack of beer on the house at the Williamsburg tasting room of this Brooklyn brewery when you show your vaccine card. 

  • Junior's: Lucky New Yorkers can get a very sweet reward for their jab. The Brooklyn institution will give anyone who shows proof of at least one COVID-19 vaccine shot a free mini cheesecake through Memorial Day. 

  • Market Garden Brewery: How’s a 10-cent beer sound? This Cleveland brewery will give the ultra-cheap brewskis to the first 2,021 customers to show their complete COVID-19 vaccination cards. 

  • Nathan's Famous: Another famous New York City spot, iconic Nathan's will give a free hot dog to patrons who visit the Coney Island shop on the same day of their vaccination and show their vaccine card.

  • Oak and Reel: This special-occasion Italian restaurant in Detroit has been offering vaccinated patrons a hefty 50% off

  • Rumbleseat Bar & Grille: This restaurant in Chicopee, Massachusetts, is offering 20% off all food orders on Mondays for customers who show proof of vaccination, as long as mask mandates remain in effect. 

  • Super Duper Burgers: How do some free fries sound? Snap a picture of yourself at your vaccine site, then post it on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with hashtag #covidvaccine. Show the picture to the cashier at one of these San Francisco-area restaurants and dig in. 

  • Uno Dos Tacos: Get some free chips and salsa at this San Francisco restaurant by following the same process from sister chain Super Duper Burgers.

  • Village Tap: This Chicago bar is offering a $10 gift card “as a token of our gratitude” to the first 1,000 customers who show proof of vaccination.

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Free Pot (Yes, Really)

  • DC Marijuana Justice: This group that advocated for the legalization of marijuana in D.C. announced in January that it would be giving out bags of pot outside vaccination centers after slots open to the general public. Its program, naturally, is called “Joints for Jabs.”

  • Mint Dispensary: Arizonans who want to take the edge off after getting vaccinated can visit Mint Dispensary in Tempe, Phoenix, or Mesa for a free edible.

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Great American Ball Park

Cincinnati Reds: Discounted Tickets

Take yourself out to the ballgame more safely and cheaply with this deal from the Reds: The team is offering $10 tickets to fans who show proof of at least one COVID-19 shot. The deal is good for games in April and May, Mondays through Thursdays only. Fans have to show up at the Great American Ball Park in person and can purchase six tickets with each vaccine card.

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Everyday California: Free Rentals and Discounted Apparel

Soak up the sun with a sweet offer from this San Diego-based business. Vaccinated customers can get free paddle board, surfboard, and snorkel rentals Monday through Thursday until June 14, plus 20% off clothing through the same date. Tours must be booked online using the code VACCINE, and you'll need to show proof of your shot at the store. Use code VAX20 online for the apparel deal, or show proof in store. 

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