Costco Is Launching Sushi Counters Across America — Here's Everything You Need To Know

Costco sushi

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On a Roll

Costco has always done everything a traditional grocery store does (in a bigger, better way), but one thing has always been missing: a fresh sushi counter. Sure, sushi isn't usually a grocery store's strongest suit, but Costco rarely misses. 

Enter the big-box store's new Kirkland sushi counters, which are slowly opening across the U.S. Here's what we know.

costco sushi
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When Did Costco Start Selling Sushi?

Costco first rolled (can’t help myself sometimes) out its new Kirkland sushi counter in June 2023 at its Issaquah, Washington location. In a company Q2 earnings call on March 7, Costco CFO Richard Galanti discussed the expansion. 

“The sushi program has proven to be a category where we can be successful in both quality and price, and we’re looking forward to seeing more of that in the future,” Galanti said.

Right now, three options are available: sashimi (no rice), nigiri (with rice), and maki (in a roll). Let's take a look at all three.

california roll from costco
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Maki Rolls


Don’t forget that we’re dealing with Costco here, so portion sizes are no joke. For 15 bucks, you’ll get two eight-piece rolls, with options like spicy tuna and even California rolls made with actual crab. Damn, Costco. That’s what’s up.

nigiri sushi from costco
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For Costco’s nigiri offerings, you’ve got choices between salmon, tuna, and shrimp. Each box contains 12 pieces, so once again, Costco is hooking up the value. 

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sashimi bowl from costco
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This is the most nutso one of all. You’d be hard-pressed to pay this little for a sashimi bowl of this scale even in a mediocre sushi restaurant. We’ve got salmon, tuna, and some gorgeous-looking scallops here for only $30. This looks like some quality fish. Impressive, Costco.

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costco spicy tuna roll
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Will Sushi Counters at Costco Be Available Nationwide?

Freshly-made sushi has been available at Costcos in Hawaii for a few years, and with the successful Washington launch, more are on the way. During the earnings call, Galanti said that two new U.S. locations would debut sushi counters in the near future, but did not specify where they would open. Right now, all we can do is wait.

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