Costco Spain’s Unique Food Options Are Making American Shoppers Jealous

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Costco feels like a uniquely American retailer. And yet, the company has expanded to four continents, with over 200 stores outside of the U.S. But since supercolossal bags of nacho cheese-flavored Doritos don’t inspire the same fervor everywhere, Costco tweaks its inventory to each location. In a recent viral video, a Spanish TikTokker gave viewers a tour of his country’s Costco — and superfans are obsessed.

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From the outside, Costco Spain looks like a store you’d find in the U.S: red and blue accents, a drab exterior, and shoppers hauling industrial-sized shopping carts. The differences start at the food court, where Spanish members can enjoy fried chicken wings and croquettes, a fan-favorite in Spain.

The wholesaler also sells Spanish specialties, including whole legs of Spanish ham, pre-cooked octopuses, countless scallops, several varieties of croquettes, an aisle devoted to olives, and whole refrigerators lined with anchovies.

That said, Costco hasn’t lost touch with its American roots. If you want to celebrate Thanksgiving in Europe, Spanish Costco sells an entire holiday meal in a box (turkey included).

Costco superfans on Reddit and TikTok, where the video has over 55,000 views, are in love with the store’s unique inventory.

One Redditor wrote that they wanted to travel to Spain just to visit Costco, while other fans complained about Costco America’s lack of croquettes.

@shotaspov Went to Costco in #Japan to check out the #food ! Can we please get the bulgogi bake in the US too 😭😭 #japanpov ♬ Emotional Prism - Mikazuki BIGWAVE

And this isn’t the first time that American Costco fans have been jealous of the store’s international inventory. The retailer’s Japanese and Korean locations continually come up on r/Costco, captivating superfans with their trays of top-shelf sushi and Asian food court specialties like the bulgogi bake and bulgogi pizza.

“Every time I see a food court post from another country it makes me resent living in Arizona,” one superfan writes.

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