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If cozying up with a mug of hot cocoa and a book is on your agenda this winter, Costco may have the perfect product to reach snuggle heaven: Pendleton’s Sherpa fleece blankets. The plush fleece blankets — which come in a variety of colors and sizes — are a favorite among Costco superfans, who’ve been giving the product rave reviews since their return in August.

Both the sherpa fleece blanket and throw start at $27 on and are made of 100% polyester, which fans say is out-of-this-world soft. 

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“This thing is so plush and warm. All my pets love it. Wish I could get a dozen and spread them throughout the house,” one Redditor wrote.

The blankets are so popular that superfans nearly post about them weekly, in part because shoppers’ pets can’t seem to get enough of them. A search for “Pendleton” on the forum returns more than a dozen posts of shoppers’ cats and dogs, which has become a veritable sub-genre on the Costco subreddit.

“What magic is in the Pendleton blankets?” a post featuring a cuddle puddle of four cats reads.

While the reviews are overwhelmingly positive on Reddit and Costco’s website — many seem to buy more than one — some shoppers complain that they attract pet fur and aren’t as soft after several washes. Berkshire Life’s EcoSoft Blanket (starting at $23) is another superfan-approved alternative, which, while not as popular, also received plaudits on Reddit.

Pendleton’s affordable 100% polyester blankets are a departure from the textile company’s focus on premium wool bedding, which typically costs hundreds of dollars.

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