7 Copycat Fast-Food Restaurants You Never Knew About

Fast Food Copycats

Cheapism / Erich V. / Yelp / Danny Jensen / Pizza Hat

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Fast Food Copycats
Cheapism / Erich V. / Yelp / Danny Jensen / Pizza Hat


Ever notice a restaurant you think you recognize at first, but then realize it's something else? You might be staring at a classic fast-food restaurant copycat, which our world is absolutely chock-full of, especially abroad.

From Pizza Hat to Burger Queen, here are seven fast-food knock-offs you didn't know existed.

Mr. Charlie's frowny meal
Mr. Charlie's Told Me So

1. Mr. Charlie's

Mr. Charlie's will probably outlive all the knockoffs on this list, because instead of trying to lure you inside with the "same" products you know and love, there's a very intentional menu change. Plant-based burgers and chicken sandwiches designed to look an awful lot like McDonald's are the focus here, and with locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sydney, expect to see them grow even more.

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Pancho V. / Yelp

2. McTorta's

You gotta hand it to this now-closed Los Angeles Mexican restaurant. I'd probably pull over for a griddly torta made on a flat-top grill if I was hungry. At least, that's what I would assume was waiting for me inside. The "World Famous" really kills me.

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Duffin Dagels
Miguel G. / TripAdvisor

3. Duffin Dagels

This Spanish donut shop still operates in Oviedo, Spain, with branding almost exactly like the donut shop we know. The question is: Now that the original has changed its name to Dunkin', will this one start going by just Duffin? Either way, I could really use a dagel right about now.

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KLG chicken
Benita H. / TripAdvisor
Dumb Starbucks
Erich V. / Yelp

5. Dumb Starbucks

In a 2014 episode of his show "Nathan For You," host Nathan Fielder decided to see just how far parody law is allowed to reach, and opened a "parody" coffee shop in a Los Angeles strip mall. He called it Dumb Starbucks, and it barely made it to the end of the day before being shut down by the health department.

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Pizza Hat
Pizza Hat

6. Pizza Hat

No notes. This Iranian copycat spot is actually a creative work of genius as far as I'm concerned. I love how the typical red roof on the Pizza Hut logo has transformed into a big red hat adorned by some Carmen San Diego-looking person. 

Burger Queen
Zachary H. / Yelp

7. Burger Queen

You've heard of the king? Well make way for the Queen, who's still operating in Lakeview, Oregon. This is clearly more of a reference than a direct ripoff; we won't hold it against you, Burger Queen. Your burgers look delicious.