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These Employers Are Hiring Ahead of the Holidays

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Staffing Up

The pandemic continues to leave a big dent in the labor market, plus many companies are in the middle of their regular seasonal hiring sprees. For both reasons, this fall is seeing a slew of hiring announcements from companies that need all the help they can get. Looking for a job? Here are some big names that have announced they're hiring in a major way, including the nation's largest grocery chain, Kroger, which needs a battalion of 20,000 new workers to see it through the holiday season.

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The largest grocery chain in the U.S. needs employees for the holidays, when customers will be flooding stores for turkeys and pumpkin pies. The company needs 20,000 new hires across its dozens of brands in order to deal with pandemic-related labor shortages in areas including retail, e-commerce, logistics, manufacturing, and corporate. The company's average hourly wage is over $16 an hour, and more information can be found on its career portal

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Walmart needs new employees — lots of 'em — to deal with the holiday rush. The majority of the 150,000 retail recruits will be full-time, permanent hires, according to the company, though it's likely there will be some seasonal hires as well. This comes after Walmart announced raising its starting wage to $12 per hour, which still lags behind other big box retailers that pay $15 or more. A better-paying option: Walmart also recently said it needs 20,000 new supply-chain workers to fill positions at fulfillment and distribution centers as well as transportation offices. The average wage is a bit over $20 an hour, and Walmart is looking for both full-time and part-time associates to fill orders, handle freight, and more. 

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Pizza Hut
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Pizza Hut

Pizza sales have been booming during the pandemic, when families would rather order in than head out to a restaurant. So it's no surprise that Pizza Hut is looking to hire 40,000 new employees to help get those stuffed-crust pies to your door. Most of the positions are cook and delivery jobs at franchised locations, but there are also some positions available at Pizza Hut's headquarters in Texas. 

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Macy's is going big when it comes to holiday hiring. The department store chain plans to hire 76,000 full- and part-time workers at its stores, call centers, and warehouses. Last year, Macy's cut seasonal hires to just 25,000 because of the pandemic, while this year's number is much closer to 2019's addition of 80,000 workers. There's good news if you're looking for a gig past the holidays, too: While 48,000 of the roles are seasonal, the rest will be permanent. 

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CVS Pharmacy

CVS Health

Ready for yet another collision of coronavirus and the flu season? CVS hopes to be. The retailer plans to fill 25,000 jobs in an effort to handle both flu season and COVID-19 vaccinations. Many available positions are for full-time, part-time, and temporary licensed pharmacists, trained pharmacy technicians, and nurses at CVS Pharmacy locations. Not in health care? The company also needs store associates to assist with purchases and manage inventory. 

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Amazon prime boxes and envelopes delivered to a front door of residential building
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The e-commerce giant is now saying it needs a whopping 125,000 new employees across the U.S., which is in addition to a hiring binge announced earlier this month aimed at filling 40,000 new corporate and technology jobs around the world. The new positions are fulfillment and transportation roles that Amazon says start at $18 an hour, but pay more than $22 an hour in some locations. Full- and part-time roles are available, and full-time roles include benefits like a new plan to cover college tuition expenses for employees. Candidates can check out opportunities online. Sweetening the pot: Hiring bonuses of up to $3,000 in some locations. 

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USPS Post Office Mail Trucks. The Post Office is responsible for providing mail delivery VIII


Kohl's is ready to ramp up hiring, offering 90,000 seasonal jobs as well as jobs at the company's new e-commerce fulfillment center in Etna, Ohio. Employees already on staff should stay put, too: Hourly store, distribution center, and e-commerce fulfillment workers can get bonuses ranging from $100 to $400 for working through the holiday season. Current workers will also be offered extra hours. Keep Kohl's on your radar if you're looking for work before and beyond the holidays, too. There are four Kohl's stores opening this fall, and Kohl's will be hiring "Beauty Advisors" to work at the new Sephora experience in 200 stores this year. 

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Party City storefront in Houston, TX.

Party City

Party City hopes to add 17,000 seasonal workers in advance of its busy season: Halloween. Positions will be available at both Party City and Halloween City pop-ups. While there were hiring events earlier this month, on-the-spot interviews and employment offers will be available at stores, too. If you're interested in applying, check out the company's hiring website or text PARTY to 51893. 

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1-800-flowers floral store with red Valentine's Day sign


1-800-Flowers plans to add 10,000 workers for the holiday crush, and not just arranging bouquets. Full- and part-time positions will be open across the U.S. at Harry & David,, Cheryl's Cookies, and The Popcorn Factory. While jobs are open in every category from production to gift assembly, there will also be contact center positions. Many jobs will be located in Illinois, Ohio, and Oregon, but some work-from-home jobs will be available, too. Seasonal workers may be considered for permanent roles once the holidays are over. Applications are available online.

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Hate the rigamarole of long job interviews and waiting to hear back from a company afterward? UPS says it's eliminating that process in a bid to hire more than 100,000 workers in time for the hectic holiday season. Positions, noted a company spokesperson, could be offered within 30 minutes of a candidate filing an application for driver helper and package handler positions — no interview required. Jobs typically pay between $15 and $22 per hour, depending on location, and the company says plenty of seasonal positions have the potential to become permanent.

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Aldi Logo
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Dollar General

Dollar General

While one of the nation’s most prominent dollar-store chains says its summer hiring spree was successful, adding a staggering 50,000 associates since mid-July, it still needs more help. Positions remain open in stores across the country as well as distribution centers and transportation. The company is even dangling a $5,000 sign-on bonus for drivers with a commercial license hired now through Jan. 28, 2022.

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Fidelity Investments

Fast-growing Fidelity Investments recently announced it needs to fill 9,000 new positions across the U.S., many of them in technology or working directly with clients. The company is promoting the flexible nature of its jobs, many of which allow for at least some remote work. Prospective employees can check out opportunities at Fidelity’s career portal

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines

Travel has picked back up since the beginning of the pandemic, leaving airlines short-handed, too. Dallas-based Southwest Airlines says it needs about 5,200 more workers by the end of November to help it overcome recent flight disruptions. Select open positions are listed in the airline’s career portal.

Delta Airlines
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Delta Air Lines

The pandemic has also done a number on Delta, which finds itself with a particularly acute need for new flight attendants. It ultimately hopes to have 3,000 new flight attendants by next summer, a hiring spree that comes after roughly 4,000 of them accepted voluntary separation packages during last year’s major travel slowdown.

Ollie's Bargain Outlet store
Ollie's Bargain Outlet store by Dwight Burdette (CC BY)

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet

This nationwide discounter wants to boost its workforce by 3,000 positions ahead of the holidays, but roles aren’t strictly seasonal. They include full-time, part-time, and leadership jobs based at more than 400 stores and three distribution centers.