6 Christmas Gifts You Should Never Buy Last Minute

man christmas shopping at the last minute

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man christmas shopping at the last minute
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Eleventh-Hour No-Nos

Listen, we are all human. We are all busy. We have things to do, places to be, yadda yadda. Everyone has had some last-minute scrambles to face around the holidays, but there is some protocol to keep in mind in lieu of last-minute gifting. We're here to help. Here are six things you shouldn't buy if you're running around like the White Rabbit in a frenzy.

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1. Generic Gift Cards

Walk into just about any store at any given time of year (not exclusively the holiday season) and you can find a display of assorted gift cards to peruse. If you're going to go the gift card route because you're aiming for practicality and you aren't sure what to get that special someone, choose a gift card that complements something that person is interested in. Do you know their favorite restaurant? Grab that card. Are they a Starbucks fanatic? There's your card. Nothing says, "I put absolutely no thought at all into your gift" like grabbing one of those use-it-however-you-want-because-I-don't-really-care Visa gift cards. Put forth a smidge of effort in the spirit of the holidays.

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2. Anything Personalized

We love a good sentimental gift and personalized items almost never miss. Unless you wait too long to order them and they don't arrive in time. These items take time to create and the holiday season is the busiest time for such things, so plan accordingly. 

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3. Gift Sets

Stores like Walmart and Target try and make it easy for gifters by dedicating an entire aisle to gift sets. Bless their billion-dollar hearts. From assorted hot sauces and grill kits to sets of assorted bath and body products, there's something for everyone. But that doesn't mean you should buy them for just anyone. If you've waited til the last minute to grab gifts, this is a pretty obvious way to announce that to the giftee. You could always use the sets as inspiration to create your own, creating some visible effort that's sure to be appreciated.

Now, if you want to create your own gift basket with thoughtful additions, that's another story.

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4. This Year's "It" Items

Whether it's the latest gadget or another hot new item everyone just "has to have," if your plan is to get your hands on it as a gift, you should avoid waiting until the last minute to strike, otherwise you might come out empty handed.

Check out our gift guides for presents they'll actually appreciate. 

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5. Anything from a Website Without a Reputation

If you're hot on the heels of Christmas, stick to sites like Amazon for online ordering, or better yet, shop in-store. If you place an order on randomwebsite.com, you're basically going rogue because who knows when it will arrive (probably not in time, that's when). 

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