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10 Gift Ideas Under $30 for the Women in Your Life

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Strapped for cash and looking for a unique gift for your wife, girlfriend, mother, or sister this Christmas? These 10 gift ideas for women each cost less than $30. And don't fret about the low price. The items featured here convey thoughtfulness and deliver on quality. Before heading out shopping, think about what she enjoys doing in her spare time and go through the list to find a match.

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For a gift that pampers, put together a little home pedicure kit. The PedEgg ($10 on Amazon) keeps heels, soles, and toes feeling smooth well beyond the holiday season. This egg-shaped foot file fits in the hand and catches all the filed skin so there is very little cleanup -- a design feature that users appreciate. Add a bottle of nail polish and perhaps some lotion for a polished finish.

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A good bottle of wine is most divine. Spoil the woman in your life with a luscious red wine or refreshing white wine, both of which can be had for less than $10 a bottle. At that price there's plenty left over to include some wine accessories to Gifts for Wine Lovers such as wood-tone bottle tags or even a set of stemless aerating wine glasses.

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Many women revel in the peace and quiet that comes with reading. Indulge that pastime with a book by a favorite author or a title pulled from a favorite genre. If in doubt about what to choose, ask her book club what's next on the list or seek advice from one of her close friends. Paperbacks are always cheaper than hardcovers, and ebooks may be cheaper yet.

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A woman who loves to cook will dig the idea of fresh herbs growing in the kitchen year-round. A Mason jar herb garden from MakersKit ($24) comes with organic potting soil and perlite; pea pebbles; seeds for basil, cilantro, parsley, and clover; and flags for labeling each one. Many reviewers marvel at their success growing the herbs.

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If the intended recipient is a traveler, pick up a colorful cosmetics organizer (or two in different shapes and sizes, for a matching set) to hold her makeup, jewelry, and personal care items. Target offers scads of stylish choices starting at about $10. For online shoppers, shipping and returns are free until Christmas.

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Journaling is a safe and satisfying way to express feelings, document the comings and goings of everyday life, and flex a few creative muscles. Writing it all down can help busy and overextended women relax and de-stress. Nicely bound journals, with printed or solid-color covers, typically cost less than $15.

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Fitness-minded women will enjoy finding a pedometer under the tree. The Omron HJ-321 Tri-Axis Pedometer ($14 on Amazon) tracks daily walking steps and aerobic steps so the user knows exactly how active she is every day. Reviewers say this highly rated pedometer is very accurate, lightweight, and easy to set up and use.

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It's hard to go wrong with an eye-catching necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings. And there's no need to spend a fortune. In addition to retailers such as Macy's and Kohl's, warehouse stores such as Sam's Club stock loads of costume jewelry, often at lower prices. Don't forget the handmade jewelry options readily available at Christmas markets and craft fairs.

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Coffee drinker, tea drinker -- no matter. Create a gift basket just for her with a set of gourmet flavors, a personalized mug (Shutterfly creates photo mugs for $17), and a few of her favorite sweet treats. If there's any cash left over, throw in a gift card to a local coffee or tea shop so she can grab a cup on the go.

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Adult coloring books are taking a childhood activity to an entirely new level. Proponents assert that coloring within the lines is therapeutic, relaxing, and a path to personal growth. Check out the selection, priced between $10 and $15, at Barnes & Noble.