Chipotle Employees Reveal the 'Weirdest' Refund Requests

Chipotle Restaurant in New York City

Anne Czichos/istockphoto

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Chipotle Restaurant in New York City
Anne Czichos/istockphoto
Denver - University: Chipotle Mexican Grill
Denver - University: Chipotle Mexican Grill by Wally Gobetz (CC BY-NC-ND)
Chipotle Burrito Bowl
Chipotle Burrito Bowl by Michael Saechang (CC BY-SA)

The Wrong Question

While vegetarianism and veganism can be a divisive subject, it shouldn't be a crime to ask a customer what meat they'd like. And yet, a Redditor says that one vegetarian customer complained and asked for a refund simply because they had asked if he wanted meat. "Just absolutely bonkers," the Redditor wrote of the experience. You don't need to know the three laws of thermodynamics to know that food gets cold.

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Chipotle assembly line
Chipotle assembly line by Jazz Guy (CC BY)

Hot Salsa ... For a Toddler

Even if you love spicy food, chances are your toddler can't tolerate anything too high on the Scoville scale. Apparently, that's not common sense, as one mother gave her 2-year-old the hottest salsa on the menu at Chiptle and then asked for a refund when the baby wasn't a fan.

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chipotle assembly line
chipotle assembly line by osseous (CC BY)

Too Much Sour Cream

After eating half a burrito bowl with a standard helping of sour cream, a guest asked for a refund, complaining that the employees had been too liberal with the topping. Our question: Why didn't you say something before scarfing it down?

Sofritas Salad
Sofritas Salad by Frank Farm (CC BY-NC-ND)

Asking for Beans When You're Allergic

Another Redditor said that a customer came in and asked for beans in his burrito bowl, only to return and claim that he was allergic to them. The employees gave him a refund anyway, though the workers later learned that he was bluffing just so he could get a free meal.

Chipotle by Proshob (CC BY-SA)

Finding a Live Worm

In what might be the thread's only legitimate "weird" refund request, a family asked for their money back after finding a worm in their food. Still, the story doesn't totally add up, as the customers returned three hours after placing their order.

Chipotle by Missvain (CC BY)

'Ice Cold' Food

A customer walked into Chipotle and "demanded" a refund because her food was cold, which doesn't sound so outlandish. But upon further inspection, the employee discovered that she'd ordered the "ice cold" burrito bowl more than three hours ago and was yelling because her food didn't stay warm.