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Remember Chipotle's heyday when the burritos were the size of a small baby? Chipotle's biggest fans remember, and many are taking to Reddit to complain whenever they end up with a whisp of a burrito that could barely feed a child now, let alone two grown men like in the past.

In the latest complaint, u/kamgc posted photos of his itty bitty burrito to r/Chipotle, and we gotta say, we'd be pretty pissed if we paid $10 or more for this thing too. 

"I contacted customer support and they told me every burrito gets the same amount of toppings, and if I wanted more, I should have asked," they said. That makes sense with Chipotle's assembly line restaurant model, where you see exactly what's going into your burrito as the worker makes it for you. But there's a huge problem that Chipotle's customer service rep isn't getting: They ordered their burrito online.

When you order from Chipotle online, your order is ready, bagged, and waiting for you when you pick it up. The employees even make it in a separate area in the back, so you never see what's happening with your order, and there's never a time you can ask for more of anything while it's being made. And that's exactly why so many Chipotle obsessives refuse to order their burritos online, despite the convenience. 

"I ordered online once in college," said u/thethingsIam. "I learned never to do so again because that was the first and only time I’ve been hungry after Chipotle. My bowl was maybe 1/3 full." That sentiment is repeated over and over in the 350+ comment thread. 

"Everyone learns this lesson at least once and then goes to order in person from then on lol," said u/Emotional-Bobcat-310 in a comment that's gotten 328 upvotes so far. "The time saved by online ordering is never worth it because of this skimping," responded u/VjP20.

"I quit doing online orders about a year ago," said u/EntertainmentFast497. "They never get it right."

"I thought you were holding a potato tbh," said u/Opposite-Notice9704, referring to the photo that honestly does look like a hand holding a totally normal and not-burrito-sized potato. 

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There are some detractors who actually like ordering online, of course. "I order in the app and pick up in person every single time," said u/pwrof3. "I have only had one issue in the last three years, and it was that they didn’t put enough chips in my bag."

And just in case you're thinking that maybe the OP must resemble Andre the Giant or they ordered a burrito with two ingredients, they assured the thread that the order included "double meat, rice, beans, cheese, sour cream, sauces, queso." Given that, Redditors on r/Chipotle has come to an almost unanimous conclusion: "Chipotle online order is a total scam."

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