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With fast food prices on the rise, it’s rare that you can find a meal for under $15 these days. But frugal Redditors say they’ve found a way to eat at Chipotle for just $5.40 — and that includes a drink.

Just order the kid’s meal.

Customers young and old can order the combo, Redditors say, which comes as a build-your-own taco set ($5.40) or quesadilla meal ($4.95). The former option is more substantial, as it includes two tacos, your choice of meat, guacamole, or cheese, and two toppings. Chipotle also sweetens the deal by adding a free drink and the choice of fruit or chips as a side.

“I got chicken, corn salsa, and brown rice. Mixed it all together with my broken hard shells for a taco salad and was satisfyingly full!” one r/Frugal user writes.

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If you feel guilty ordering a kid’s meal as an adult — most employees insist it’s OK — you can take a different approach. Order a burrito bowl, ask for extra rice, beans, and veggies, and split it into two meals. Assuming you pick chicken, sofritas, or veggies as your main ingredient, you’ll only pay $8.65 before tax , or $4.32 per meal. You can stretch your burrito bowl even further by using your own taco shells at home, a Redditor adds.

Chipotle raised their prices about 4% in August 2022, with some restaurants tacking on an additional 2% to 3% in areas with high wages. In February, Chipotle’s chief financial officer said that the fast casual chain doesn’t have plans to lower or raise prices.

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