Chipotle Employees Dish on How Customers Can Make Their Jobs Easier



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Workers' Wishes

Between the rude customers, fast-paced work environment, and low pay, it’s clear that food service is hard work — and Chipotle is no exception. As any Chipotle customer has seen, the chain’s burrito assembly line can quickly get hectic, especially with inconsiderate customers or complicated orders gumming up the works. Chipotle employees (and customers) recently shared some of their biggest frustrations — along with tips to make their lives easier — in a popular Reddit thread.

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Chipotle toppings station
Semhar M./Yelp

Respect the Assembly Line

If you want a side tortilla, don’t wait to ask the cashier, one Redditor shared. Instead, follow the logic of the assembly line and ask the person working the tortilla station for extras. The same goes for guacamole, cheese, and other toppings or extras.

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tip jar

Tip Employees

Numerous Redditors mentioned the importance of tipping, with one customer sharing an anecdote about the time he tipped a Chipotlane worker. “She said they had never gotten a tip before; I was floored. Y'all deserve more tips than I can even give,” the Redditor wrote.

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Chipotle by Missvain (CC BY)

Know Your Order

Tired of long lines? Know what you want before you get to the tortilla station and everything will move more swiftly. Bonus tip: Don’t let young children order.

chipotle assembly line
chipotle assembly line by osseous (CC BY)

Be Kind

It should go without saying, but multiple employees reminded customers to simply be kind and considerate while ordering. “Just be patient, kind, and say thanks,” one top comment reads.

employee cleaning chipotle
employee cleaning chipotle by Brian Wilkins (CC BY-NC)

Don’t Trash the Restaurant

Clean up your spills, put trash where it belongs (the trash can!), and be sure to watch your kids. “I once saw a kid put his hands in his diaper and then touch all over the drink machine,” one Redditor shared. 

Union Yes

Vote for Labor-Friendly Politicians

For the first time in years, collective labor is having a moment in the U.S., with Starbucks, Trader Joe’s, Amazon — and now Chipotle — locations joining a growing wave of union drives. To that end, one Redditor suggested supporting labor-friendly politicians “so staff can organize and help themselves.”

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