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10 Winter Wardrobe Must-Haves for Less

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Dipping temperatures are the perfect excuse to pile on some cozy clothes. But winter wardrobe basics can be some of the most expensive clothing items of any season. A coat and shoes, especially, need to be made well enough keep you comfortable in extreme temperatures and withstand rough weather. These 10 wardrobe staples will help your family stay warm -- and stylish -- this winter.

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This classic outer layer perfectly plays into the current trend in menswear looks for women. Luckily, it's easy to bundle up in this preppy topper without spending a bundle. Uniqlo's version is $129.90 but looks like it costs much more.

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While sweaters in this fabric usually go for $100 and up, Lands' End currently has a cardigan version on clearance for $59.97 or $89.97, depending on the color. The cashmere is light enough for layering or to wear on warmer days, making it an economical wardrobe basic.

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No parent wants to spend top dollar on a coat that will be outgrown by next year, but quality is still important. Again, Uniqlo wins for budget-friendly warmth and sturdiness. At $59.90, a girls' winter coat is about a third the price of a similar North Face quilted parka. Like the pricey version, it's thickly insulated and has a durable water repellent coating.

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Sorel and L.L. Bean were some of the hot tickets for winter boots last season, and it seems they are going to be just as popular this year. Cabela's boots provide the same look for less. These insulated boots are waterproof and their 400-gram Thinsulate insulation guarantees they'll keep feet cozy. At $89.99 they aren't a steal, but they offer quality for less than other popular brands.

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Suede coats are having a moment again this fall and winter, but the price tag for this trendy look is usually out of Cheapism's budget. Making the material less appealing is its tendency to show wear. An imitation suede, '70s-inspired coat from H&M is suave and stylish, and at only $69.99, it doesn't have to last more than a season.

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Cable knits are a cozy must-have for a winter wardrobe, but good quality sweaters typically aren't cheap. A version from Old Navy is only $34.94 but has a tight knit to ward off winter chills.

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Whether they hit at the ankle or knee, leather boots are a cold weather wardrobe basic that goes with almost everything. This season's version has a chunkier heel than seen in previous seasons, and this faux-leather pair for $34.99 from H&M captures the current look.

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A quality pair of smooth-leather gloves may not be worth the price if they can't keep digits toasty. These faux leather gloves have the look of the real thing, plus much-needed warmth, thanks to a furry lining. They also fit any budget with a price tag starting at $6 on Amazon.

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Puffer jackets can be pricey, but often the problem with this winter staple is that inexpensive versions may not provide much warmth. Uniqlo's Ultra Light Down jacket costs just $69.90, yet keeps the wearer comfortable thanks to an aluminum lining that reflects body heat.

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North Face and Patagonia fleece jackets have become ubiquitous cold weather wear, even for people who aren't exactly outdoorsy types. If you can live without the label, Old Navy's sweater-fleece jacket is equally stylish, but at the moment costs just $42.50.