11 Cheap or Free Ways to File Your Taxes


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Preparing and filing taxes can be expensive, but free or cheap options are available to most Americans. Low- to middle-income earners may even qualify for free in-person assistance from volunteers trained by the Internal Revenue Service. Here are 11 tax preparation and filing services for frugal taxpayers.

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The result of a partnership between the IRS and private tax software companies, the Free File program provides access to free online software for tax filers with adjusted gross income of $64,000 or less. Users can choose from more than a dozen options, including software from big names such as H&R Block and TurboTax, although some have age or residency restrictions or lower income requirements. All the Free File software includes free preparation and e-filing of federal returns, but state preparation and filing may come at an extra charge.

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The VITA program offers free in-person assistance from IRS-trained volunteers for taxpayers who made $54,000 or less in 2016, as well as those with disabilities or limited English skills. Enter your ZIP code in the locator tool to find the nearest tax preparation site (often a library, university, or community center).

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The TCE program is similar to the VITA program but designed specifically for older taxpayers. Americans 60 or older can get assistance from TCE volunteers, who are often retirees. The volunteers receive special training on issues particular to older taxpayers, such as dealing with pension- or retirement-related tax forms.

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AARP's Tax-Aide preparation service is similar to the TCE and VITA programs. However, AARP sites may be able to accommodate a wider range of situations. There is no fee, and AARP membership is not required to use Tax-Aide services. AARP volunteers also answer tax-related questions year-round online.

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Check with state and local organizations to see if additional assistance options are available. For example, the New York City Food Bank offers free assistance to taxpayers with dependents who made $54,000 or less in 2016 and those without dependents who made no more than $30,000. Self-employed taxi drivers and child-care providers are also eligible. There are preparation sites in each of the five boroughs.

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The United Way and H&R Block offer free tax preparation and filing for taxpayers with adjusted gross income of $64,000 or less. There are no age or residency requirements, and self-employed and contract workers can use the MyFreeTaxes software. It also works for homeowners, students, business owners, and investors.

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Active-duty military members can find free or discounted online tax preparation services from H&R Block and TaxSlayer, as well as special VITA sites on military bases with volunteers trained to deal with military-related tax issues. Free MilTax software, created specifically for military families, is available on Military OneSource.

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In addition to its Free File software, TurboTax offers free software to taxpayers with simple tax returns and income less than $100,000. To be eligible, taxpayers must use the 1040EZ or 1040A form. The Absolute Zero edition lets users claim the Earned Income Credit, if they're eligible, and e-file federal and state returns for free. However, the software cannot account for contract or self-employment income, ownership of a home or rental property, or itemized deductions.

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TaxAct also has a free version, which includes free federal and state filing and unlimited access to tax support personnel. While it can handle interest income and the EIC, investors, business owners, and taxpayers who itemize deductions may have to opt for a paid version.

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H&R Block software, including the free More Zero online edition, comes with free in-person audit support. Federal and state e-filing are free and taxpayers can itemize mortgage payments, medical expenses, and charitable donations. Taxpayers can also use it to claim the EIC, but investment and small-business income aren't covered.


New this year, Credit Karma's tax software includes free federal and state filing and covers homeowners, landlords, and taxpayers who are self-employed, itemize deductions, and have investment income. However, it doesn't support every situation. For example, it can't process multi-state or part-year state returns.