10 Popular Buy-It-For-Life Products You Should Never Buy

Woman unpacking wrong parcel, delivery mistake


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Woman unpacking wrong parcel, delivery mistake

BIFL Fails

With the rise of niche subreddits like r/FrugalMaleFashion and r/BuyItForLife, consumers are turning to Reddit for shopping advice, treating the forums like highly specialized review sites. The appeal is that user recommendations are (for the most part) genuine and unadulterated by a desire for affiliate revenue or clicks. 

But however authentic the reviews may be, Redditors still get things wrong, as one recent r/BuyItForLife thread shows. The original poster asked the community for r/BuyItForLife recommendations that they “ended up hating,” leading to a 1,400-comment discussion about the sub’s most overrated products. Using the 10 most popular comments, we’ve created a list of popular r/BuyItForLifeProducts that you should avoid regardless of the hype.

Flint and Tinder 10-Year Hoodie

1. Flint and Tinder 10-Year Hoodie

Most hoodies seem to last for only a few seasons, if that. But not Flint and Tinder’s made-in-America hoodie. This $128 hoodie is made to last for 10 years, according to the company, which is why it comes with a decade-long guarantee. The only problem is that they allegedly don’t always follow through on their promise. 

One Redditor writes that their hoodie lasted only four years. And when they sent it to Flint and Tinder to be repaired, the company said they couldn’t. Instead of offering the Redditor a new hoodie, they offered 50% off a replacement. Another user had a similar problem with the manufacturer’s pants. “Seams on the pockets wore out after a year,” they wrote.

Speed Queen Electric Dryer
Speed Queen

2. Speed Queen Clothes Dryer

On recommendation from the r/BuyItForLife community, one Redditor purchased a Speed Queen dryer with old-school manual dials. The idea, they shared, was that the analog knobs would be cheaper to fix than a digital control panel. But when the timer knob did break, it was a nightmare. According to the Redditor, Speed Queen listed the wrong part number for the dryer, which meant a technician had to come out three times. On the other hand, the commenter says that their digital washer from Speed Queen is “fantastic,” contrary to what most BIFL users might think.

The Company Store Bedding
The Company Store
Solovair Boots

4. Solovair Boots

While Solovair shoes might not be as popular as Dr. Martens, Solovair produced the latter brand’s boots under license until the 1980s. But then Dr. Martens began to move its factories abroad, leading to a precipitous drop in the shoes’ quality. Nevertheless, Solovair soldiered on, continuing to produce Goodyear-welted shoes in its Northamptonshire factory

It’s no wonder, then, that Redditors recommend Solovair shoes as a more durable alternative to Dr. Martens. But some commenters say the British shoemaker doesn’t live up to its reputation. One Solovair owner complained that their boots started delaminating after just five days, adding that “they can’t even handle daily wear.” Besides durability, Redditors complained about the shoe’s comfortability and the company’s poor customer service.

Colors bath towels,Peshtemals
Canister vacuum cleaner for home use on the floor

6. Panasonic Canister Vacuum

After buying a canister vacuum from Panasonic on a Redditor’s recommendation, the company discontinued the product. Talk about bad luck. “The main vacuum head attachment broke within a year and I can't get a replacement because it's been discontinued,” they write. “Even eBay doesn't have replacements anymore.”

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Saddleback Leather Wallet
Saddleback Leather
Bombas Women's Ankle Sock 8-Pack
ExOfficio Give-N-Go Boxers
Pendleton Sherpa Fleece Blanket - Costco

10. Pendleton Wool Blanket

Though they’re expensive, Pendleton wool blankets are storied for their durability and classic style. A few contrarians don’t get the hype, however. “It's hard to clean, kind of scratchy, and I need to watch it all the time around the cats so their nails don't get caught,” a top comment reads. “Give me my cheap plush fleece any day!” Another pet owner agreed, writing that they “couldn’t handle it anymore” after their blanket got covered in dog fur.

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