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Are you at Burger King? I’m sorry to hear that. Maybe you were tricked into it or maybe you’re just there for the one good thing, a rippin’ spicy chicken sandwich. Either way, if secret menus are your thing, BK just got a little bit better.

As with other chain restaurants, the availability of items on Burger King's secret menu varies from location to location. It's always a good idea to read the room: If there's a line out the door, maybe save your complicated order for another day. But when the timing is right, there are a handful of menu hacks to liven up your order. Here are eight items on the Burger King secret menu to level up and escape the BK doldrums.

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1. The Burger King Club

Love Burger King's original chicken sandwich? The BK Club riffs on this classic, topping the chicken sandwich with bacon, tomato, and American cheese. The crispy chicken actually sounds like it would work pretty well here.

2. Rodeo Burger

While it was available for a time on the regular menu, the Rodeo Burger is now one of Burger King's secret menu items. All it takes to recreate the classic Western-style burger is to order a topping of BBQ sauce and some onion rings on your cheeseburger. Then settle in for a nap, because this one is going to knock you out. 

3. The Burger King BLT

We wouldn't go to Burger King for a BLT, but to each their own. To order the Burger King BLT, switch the beef patty on your Whopper for bacon, and boom, you’ve got something that vaguely resembles a BLT.

4. Frings

There are some items on Burger King's secret menu that are a no-brainer, and the frings is one of them. Frings are an order of half french fries, half onion rings, and we can all get behind that. A popular move: Dunk 'em in Burger King's Zesty sauce.

5. The Burger King Chicken Parm

This one is pretty sound in theory, and something I’ll probably try in the very near future. Get the original chicken sandwich with no mayo, as well as some mozzarella sticks, and pop the sticks onto your sandwich along with some marinara dipping sauce. A faux chicken parm hoagie has arrived. 

6. Burger King Ham and Cheese

To assemble this ham and cheese sandwich, you’ll need to be there during breakfast hours. Just ask for ham and cheese on one of the sesame seed burger buns.

7. Quad Stacker

Also known as the Suicide Burger, the Quad Stacker is a true monstrosity. Pop four patties, four slices of cheese, and some bacon onto your burger, and shazam: You’ve got a one-way ticket to heartburn. Sometimes a double cheeseburger just ain’t enough.

8. Mustard Whopper

There’s no way swapping mayo for mustard can count as a secret menu item, but whatever, we’re not here to yuck anybody’s yum. Ditch the mayo and grab some mustard.

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