The 6 Best Bojangles Sides, Ranked

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Jangle All the Way

Like all fried chicken joints, you’ve got a choice when you’re at Bojangles. What soldiers are you choosing to back up your king? Do you need to double down with some hot, crunchy fries, or do you cool off with cold coleslaw?

I’ve got the help you need. I tasted every single side at Bojangles (Fixins, as they call them) and ranked them by taste. Here's what my research had to show.

botato rounds from bojangles
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Best: Bo-Tato Rounds


Well, I’ll be. As a whole, I’m not wild about Bojangles, but there’s no way around it: These things are freakin’ excellent. They’re peppery and crunchy, somehow perfectly straddling the line between hash browns and tater tots. I’ll never again leave Bojangles without these.

cajun pinto beans from bojangles
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2. Cajun Pintos


I’m into it. The Cajun seasoning works far better here than it does with the fries. Beans ‘n chicken are a classic combo. I’m glad to see Bo is making it possible.

macaroni and cheese from bojangles
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3. Macaroni and Cheese


Bojangles’ mac and cheese, pictured here with the bonus green bean I received in my container, is just OK. It’s better than KFC's mac and cheese, but not nearly as good as Popeyes’. There’s a stickiness here that I appreciate quite a bit.

dirty rice from bojangles
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4. Dirty Rice


I’m a big fan of dirty rice, but this isn’t really doing anything for me. This doesn’t feel like the true essence of dirty rice — it’s more than just rice with stuff in it, ya know? This doesn’t have much depth of flavor, and with a dish known for its umami, there’s just something missing. It’s more like “rice that’s dirty.”

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bojangles coleslaw
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bojangles fries
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6. Bo Fries


I don’t understand how people eat these. I like seasoned fries, but dear lord, these things are seasoned to death. They’re so insanely salty; I can’t eat more than two or three. You’ll really need to chug a bunch of that sweet tea to get through this nightmare.

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