Think Outside the Pie: 12 Delicious Blueberry Recipes

Mustikkapiirakka – Finnish pie with blueberry and sour cream filling


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Mustikkapiirakka – Finnish pie with blueberry and sour cream filling

Blueberry Bombshells

Everyone loves a nice slice of warm blueberry pie with a heaping scoop of French vanilla ice cream on top and a little mountain of whipped cream for good measure. But blueberry recipes go far beyond the classic pie recipe, stretching to the likes of cheesecake and coffee cake, fitting right into both the breakfast and dessert worlds. 

Here are some of our favorite creative blueberry recipes to help inspire you.


1. Streusel Crumb Blueberry Muffins

Blueberry muffins are one of those staple blueberry recipes that never miss. But streusel crumb topping is a must if you want the best muffins. This recipe delivers a luscious and fluffy muffin base with a sweet and crumbly top. It's also a great easy and cheap breakfast idea to start the day right.

Blueberry muffin recipe: Oh My Goodness Chocolate Desserts

Mustikkapiirakka – Finnish pie with blueberry and sour cream filling

2. Mustikkapiirakka (Finnish Blueberry Pie)

All right, this one is technically a pie, but mustikkapiirakka doesn't fit the bill of a traditional American pie. Instead, this Finnish blueberry pie recipe is like the lovechild of a tart and a pie. Along with the blueberries, the filling is made using sour cream, egg, cane sugar, cardamom, and vanilla. It's got tangy and creamy flavors, tartness from the blueberries, a luscious texture, and a flaky crust. Not much more you could ask for from a blueberry recipe.

Recipe: Sugar Love Spices

Sweet Homemade Blueberry Cobbler Dessert

3. Blueberry Cobbler

Blueberry cobbler is a classic, and for good reason. Topped with a couple of dollops of vanilla ice cream, this stuff will send your tastebuds straight to heaven. 

Blueberry cobbler recipe: Reluctant Entertainer

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blueberry ice cream or frozen yogurt and sprig of mint,

4. Blueberry Ice Cream

Blueberry recipes really shine in the dessert realm, and this luscious ice cream is absolutely a highlight. You won't even need an ice cream maker to execute this blueberry ice cream recipe. Blueberries, sugar, vanilla or almond extract, fresh lemon juice, sweetened condensed milk, and heavy whipping cream blend together beautifully for a frozen dessert that brings just the right balance of sweet and tart. 

Blueberry ice cream recipe: Soulfully Made

Fresh made confectionery

5. Blueberry Dump Cake

We are all for a good dump-and-bake dessert recipe, and this blueberry dump cake recipe is nudging its way to the top of our "must try" list. All you need is three ingredients — blueberries, butter, and one box of cake mix — and virtually no baking skills are required since you just dump all the ingredients together and bake 'em. It's a win all the way around.

Blueberry dump cake recipe: Cheerful Cook

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Blueberry Lemon Loaf with a Sweet Lemon Glaze

6. Lemon Blueberry Bread

Lemon and blueberries are both tart, but in different ways. Where lemons bring a zest, blueberries are balanced by a sweetness. The pairing of these flavors in this lemon blueberry bread promises a loaf with bright flavors and moist texture.

Blueberry bread recipe: Glorious Treats

Summer breakfast idea, blueberry cinnamon rolls in a baking dish

7. Blueberry Cinnamon Rolls

Blueberry breakfast recipes branch out far beyond blueberry pancakes, and one of the most mouthwatering iterations has got to be blueberry cinnamon rolls. The bite of the cinnamon in these rolls paired with the tartness of the blueberry jam filling is amplified by the blueberry cream cheese frosting.

Blueberry cinnamon rolls recipe: Stephanie's Sweet Treats

Blueberry Compote

8. Blueberry Compote

This blueberry compote recipe is the gateway to a myriad of delicious blueberry recipes. The easy-to-make sauce works perfectly as a topping for pancakes, yogurt, ice cream, scones, or cake. It's also a great way to preserve the flavors of summer for the rest of the year.

Blueberry compote recipe: The Fed Up Foodie

Slices of homemade pie with berry filling.

9. Blueberry Oatmeal Bars

Oats just make sense when it comes to blueberry recipes, and these blueberry oatmeal bars are living proof of that. You can enjoy them for breakfast or warmed up with a little bit of vanilla ice cream (topped with the blueberry compote recipe we mentioned earlier) for dessert. 

Blueberry bars recipe: Pastry & Beyond

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Berry pie with blueberries close-up. horizontal top view

10. Blueberry Buckle Coffee Cake

This warm cake is fluffy, sweet, and crumbly on top thanks to the streusel topping. Enjoyed fresh out of the oven alongside a cup of coffee, this stuff reigns superior in the blueberry breakfast bracket.

Blueberry buckle recipe: Bake & Bacon

Blueberry cheesecake

11. Blueberry Cheesecake

Cheesecake is one of the most adaptable desserts there is, and this blueberry rendition sounds totally tantalizing. With a graham cracker crust and blueberry filling, the balance of textures and flavor profiles in this blueberry cheesecake recipe are spot-on.

Blueberry cheesecake recipe: Beyond Frosting

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cookies and blueberries

12. Blueberry Cookies

This viral blueberry cookie recipe took TikTok by storm with more than 10 million views. It's supposed to taste just like a blueberry muffin, only in cookie form. Oh, and there's the added delight of decadent white chocolate chips. Sign us up.  

Blueberry cookie recipe: Princess Pinky Girl