Grounds for Ghosting: These Are the Biggest Relationship Turnoffs

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Cause for a Relationship Pause

What would it take to make you dump a date? For over half (65%) of people, things have ended due to something they consider an "ick" — a trait that turns them off.  Eighty-eight percent of these people even ghosted someone completely over it. The site Talker shared a survey, which was commissioned by the dating site Seeking and conducted by OnePoll, of 2,000 adults to discover the reasons they would end a relationship with someone.

Here are some of the top offenses, from weird to wild to completely rational, that showed up in the survey. Have you ever been guilty of any? (58 percent of people think they probably have.) If so, maybe it's time to rethink your dating strategies.

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Pretending To Be More Knowledgeable Than They Actually Are

Twenty-one percent of people surveyed thought it was a huge turnoff to share a date with someone who goes on and on about a topic they clearly know nothing about.

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Being Rude to a Waiter

Twenty-one percent of people also can't stand it if their date treats the waitstaff poorly at a restaurant. Rude behavior is never acceptable in any circumstances, of course.

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Living in a Mess

Living in a pigsty came in fourth for the largest relationship deal breaker. This is all relative, as someone's mess may be someone else's neat. One thing that definitely is never tidy: old food and dishes left out.

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Splitting the Bill

Seventy-three percent of daters are likely to judge someone negatively if they ask to split the bill, especially if the person asked for the date and picked the location.

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Being Obsessed With Astrology Signs

Fifteen percent of daters think it's weird to be into star signs. If you're judging your compatibility with your date by your rising moon signs, etc. — it may be a good idea to keep that to yourself. 

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Clapping When a Plane Lands

Fourteen percent of people surveyed found it to be reprehensible if their partner clapped when a plane landed. But would they dump them over it? If you're already taking a flight together, let's hope not. 

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Unacceptable First Date Location

Maybe plan the location together, then? Some 72% of daters would critique the first date location choice if it didn’t meet their standards. 

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Sharing Food on the First Date

Fourteen percent of men wouldn't ask for a second date if their dinner companion wanted to share food on the first date.

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Wearing a 'Tacky' Watch

Sixteen percent of women think that a man who wears a cheap, tacky watch is considered an "ick" and is dump-worthy.