The Best Waffle House Secret Menu Items To Explore

waffle house

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waffle house

Secret Waffling

So you’re getting sick of the standard Waffle House menu. Ordering the bacon and eggs at 2 a.m. has gotten old, the greasy hangover burger no longer excites you, and you’re tired of blocking thrown chairs with one hand. There’s good news: Like many other fast food restaurant chains, Waffle House has a secret menu. Though it’s essentially the same dishes you already love in different shapes, it’s worth an exploration; your love of the House might find itself reignited. Here are five items to try off the Waffle House secret menu.

A quick note: These orders can be frustrating for employees to deal with when the restaurant is slammed. Please save your secret menu orders for an afternoon lull when the place isn't as busy.

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waffle house waffe
Alan C. / Yelp

Apple Cinnamon Waffles

Apple cinnamon pastries will always be one of my great loves, so it’s not hard to imagine loving this. This dish calls for apples and cinnamon in a Belgian waffle batter, almost like a slice of warm autumnal pie. I honestly might get into my car right now and go get some. 

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Eggs Sunny Side Up

Double Ds

I’m not going to investigate the origins of the name any further, but Double Ds sound pretty great. We’re starting with two hash brown rings and topping them with two sunny side-up eggs. Pop a little curved piece of bacon underneath, and you’ve got yourself a happy face.

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waffle house pecan waffles
Steph H. / Yelp

Pecan Waffles

Ask for pecan waffles and the hard-working folks on the Waffle House line will add some toasted pecans to the batter; that little crunch texture has to be a gem. To keep the secret vibes going, ask for some sugar-free syrup. They’ve got it. Not sure why they’re hiding it.

Fried Egg and Bacon Waffle Sandwich

Waffle Sandwiches

Customized sandwiches at Waffle House are far easier than you’d expect. Whether you want your sandwiches on raisin bread or huge waffles themselves, it’s a possibility. Take a classic bodega sandwich up a notch by sticking some sausage, egg, and cheese in between two waffles. 

Time for another reminder! A lot of locations don't have time to make sandwiches based on TikTok trends, so please be understanding if the employees tell you this one isn't an option.

waffle house heart attack
NY C. / Yelp

The Heart Attack

Here’s an appropriately named treat. This masterpiece starts with some Texas toast, cheese, and a burger patty, followed by country gravy and chili. The Heart Attack will kill your hangover, but unfortunately, probably your whole body, too.