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Shake Shack will always be one of those restaurants that rides the line between fast food and fast-casual. The New York-born burger chain has spread across the nation like crazy, and its fans have followed. 

While the regular menu at Shake Shack is already quite full of options, it’s always nice to be able to further experiment with some secret menu items. Want to switch it up next time? Here are seven Shake Shack menu hacks to keep on hand. 

Protein Style Burger

You’ve seen this at just about every burger chain — ask for your burger "protein style," and they’ll ditch the potato buns and wrap the whole thing in lettuce.

Cheese Dog

Though it’s not officially listed on the menu, you can get a hot dog covered in melted American and cheddar cheese. Ask nicely. Tip well.

Shack-cago Burger

Shake Shack’s Chicago-style hot dog lives on the standard menu, and this is just a burger-ized version of that.

  • Order a Shack-cago dog and a burger.

  • Toss the toppings from the dog onto the burger.


Mix lemonade or Sprite with a beer — which Shake Shack serves — and you’ve got yourself a refreshing summer cocktail.

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Root Beer Float

Much like a college dining hall, you’ve got a soda machine and ice cream (well, frozen custard in this case) at the ready. This can easily become a beer float too, if that’s your thing.

Garden Dog

How do you make a veggie hot dog at Shake Shack? Easy. 

  • Order a pickle spear as the centerpiece of your dog. 
  • Load it up with all the veggies you desire.

“Chili” Pepper Cheese Fries

This sounds so good. Ask for cheese fries with a side of shack sauce and chopped chili peppers.

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