The Best K-Cups For Your Morning Brew

Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker


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Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

Cup of the Mornin' to Ya

There’s nothing like a good cup of coffee, but many of us don’t need freshly ground beans every day. We’re coffee lovers, but we know the bean juice that comes out of our Keurig coffee machines is absolutely satisfactory (no shade to traditional coffee makers). Still, it’s hard to navigate the sheer amount of choices out there. Take a look at seven of the best K-Cup coffees you can buy right now.

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sf bay coffee k cup keurig
SF Bay Coffee

San Francisco Bay Coffee

$24 (36 ct.) from Amazon

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Compostable cups are clearly the best move when you’re creating the amount of waste that a Keurig does. San Francisco Bay Coffee has dedicated itself to that with fully compostable OneCUP Pods. Throwing your pods in the trash, at long last, is OK.

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caribou coffee keurig k cup


$26 (40 ct.) from Amazon

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The Minnesota coffee chain is beloved by many, and if you’re a fan, you no longer need to leave your house to get a cup of Caribou. You’ll find it a little cheaper than others in a variety of roasts, including the ever popular Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend.

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donut shop coffee keurig k cup

Donut Shop

$18 and up (32 ct.) from Amazon

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Here’s a perfectly tapped-into piece of nostalgia, clearly inspired by Dunkin'. There are lots of fond memories attached to doughnut shop coffee, particularly if you are a cop in a '90s movie. Keurig itself is the brand behind this, and as a result, Donut Shop tends to be one of the most popular coffee pods you can buy. Obviously, now I want a cinnamon roll.

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peets coffee keurig k cup


$28 and up (40 ct.) from Amazon

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I love the Peet’s vibe, what can I say? I love the goofy way Peet spells his name. I love the way the frappés are basically milkshakes. And I especially love the way you can grab a variety pack that includes single-origin coffee for only $28.

newmans own coffee keurig k cup

Newman's Own

$23 (24 ct.) from Amazon

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It’s never a bad day when you get to see that sweet Paul Newman smile. We already know that Newman’s Own dressings are perfection, but it doesn’t stop there. Tasty single-serving coffee is officially on the menu at the Newman household. Coffee drinkers should turn to Paul for reasonably priced, reliable coffee pods.

starbucks coffee keurig k cup


$22 (32 ct.) from Amazon

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I’m not really sure who buys this. If you love Starbucks, it seems to me that you’d just go to Starbucks coffee shop and get some coffee, since U.S. law requires there to be a Starbucks every eight feet in this country. But if you don’t care enough about Starbucks to actually go, who’s buying Starbucks K-Cups? It’s a puzzler. Either way, it’s available in just about every grocery store.

k cups variety pack

Variety Pack

$24 and up (40 ct.) on Amazon

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Still not sure where to start? This variety pack has a whopping 40 different kinds of coffee, so if you can’t find anything you like in there, perhaps a Keurig machine isn’t for you.

Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker

Frequently Asked Questions

How much coffee is in a K-Cup?

Though the exact measurements of coffee in every K-Cup differ from brand to brand, a K-Cup often has around two tablespoons of coffee. That’s about 10 grams, or half of a Starbucks Venti. 

Do K-Cups expire?

Much like actual coffee beans, K-Cups do not expire. Freshness has a lot to do with coffee flavor, of course, but you can stock up on light roast and dark roast coffee cup pods until the cows come home.

Are K-Cups recyclable?

Though this was a huge problem at first, K-Cups are in fact recyclable. The bummer is that the coffee that remains inside each one of them isn’t recyclable, so you’ll need to tear off the seal and dispose of the coffee before you get rid of the plastic pod. As a true lazy man, this is why I go almost exclusively for compostable pods.