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Whether you find it ethical to eat veal or not, there’s no denying how good it tastes. Saddled with some extra ground veal that you’re trying to use? Though in most situations you can use ground veal like ground beef, you can also cook dishes that highlight the veal itself. 

It can taste like a burger if you need it to, but it’s a versatile ingredient and can fold into veggie-forward dishes just as easily. Need some inspiration? Here are 15 ground veal recipes.

Vegetarian MoussakaPhoto credit: Lapina Maria/shutterstock

Veal Moussaka 

Moussaka is pretty common in Greek cooking, but if you’re not familiar with it, think of it as a casserole-meets-lasagna type of dish, with eggplant instead of pasta. Moussaka frequently calls for ground meat, and since veal and eggplant are already buddies, this works. 

Recipe:SOS Cuisine

Diverse Keto Dishes : Bolognese saucePhoto credit: lisegagne/istockphoto

Orecchiette with Veal, Capers, and White Wine

Ground veal works in a slew of Italian pasta sauces, with options for ragù, bolognese, and plenty more. If you don’t have a favorite, consider this recipe for orecchiette, with veal, capers, and white wine. You’ll want to bust out the high-quality olive oil for this one.

Recipe:Food & Wine

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MeatballsPhoto credit: Mariha-kitchen/istockphoto

Veal Meatballs

Ground meat of any type makes a great meatball, and veal is no exception. Have you ever had a pork and beef meatball? That’s what these will taste like, since veal already kind of tastes like a combination between the two.

Recipe:Eat Picks

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MeatloafPhoto credit: Jan R. / Yelp

Veal and Mushroom Meatloaf with Bacon

Veal and mushrooms are an age-old pairing, so bringing those complimentary flavors together in some meatloaf seems like a smart move. The crunchy bacon on the top just feels like a bonus. 

Recipe:Food & Wine

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Köfte PiyazPhoto credit: Murat E. / Yelp

Veal Kefta

Moroccan grilling isn’t complete without kefta, a meatball-ish grilled patty. Any table piled high with Lebanese hummus, salads, and flatbread is in need of some good kefta.

Recipe:Moroccan Veal Kefta

Burger and French fries in aluminum trayPhoto credit: Lisovskaya/istockphoto

Veal Burgers

You probably didn’t need me to tell you that you can swap ground veal for ground beef in a burger, but I’m telling you anyway. You can smash ‘em. You can give ‘em the Oklahoma onion burger treatment. You can do ‘em just about any way you want, though keep in mind that veal is a lot leaner than beef, so you might need to work a little harder to make them nice and juicy.

Recipe:Adriana's Best Recipes

Pot of stuffed cabbage rollsPhoto credit: only_fabrizio/istockphoto

Stuffed Vegetables

Whether it’s cabbage, eggplant, or mushrooms, ground veal is probably most ideal for stuffing into veggies. This recipe for cabbage rolls uses both pork and veal, for a little extra richness.

Recipe:Not Quite Nigella

Mashed potato stuffed dumplings with creamPhoto credit: Rouzes/istockphoto

Veal Steamed Dumplings

Ground pork is usually what you’ll find in steamed dumplings like this, but veal is always welcome. Wrapping dumplings is hard, so better start practicing.

Recipe:Ramona’s Cuisine

Closeup of Potato Croquettes on a White PlatePhoto credit: Thawatchai Chawong/istockphoto

Classic Veal Kalfskroketten

Do you even Kalfskroketten, bro? These things are Dutch croquettes, and cafés and bars in the Netherlands are known for them. Now you can recreate the Dutch experience at home. And maybe pair a THC seltzer with it to really recreate the Dutch experience.

Recipe:The Spruce Eats

keemaPhoto credit: Shah M. / Yelp

Veal Keema

Indian food very rarely features beef, but in Pakistan you might find the south Asian meat curry made with veal. You can dump this over rice, spoon it over some roti, or embrace fusion cooking and make a tortilla burrito. No wrong answers.

Recipe:Cooking Channel

Triple BulgogiPhoto credit: Archith P./Yelp

Ground Veal Bulgogi

Korean bulgogi is generally served in long, thin strips of beef, but you can actually bring out the same flavor in ground meat. With the sesame oil and kimchi, you’ll hardly notice that it’s ground; this recipe for beef should have no issues when veal is subbed in.

Recipe:Beyond Kimchee

veal parmigianaPhoto credit: Phil B. / Yelp

Ground Veal Parmigiana

Who says you can’t eat veal parm? Just give the veal mixture you’d normally turn into a patty some love in the form of tomato sauce and melty mozzarella, and you’re in business. 

Recipe:Weis Markets

Empanada Mama, 765 Ninth Ave.Photo credit: Torrie W./

Veal Empanadas

The Argentinian specialty works with just about every filling you can think of. Take these for a swim in some fresh chimichurri and pat yourself on the back. And whatever you do, don’t forget the egg wash.

Recipe:Recipe Tin Eats

cannelloniPhoto credit: Victor P.

Cannelloni Florentine

Did you know this was a thing? I didn’t. Cannelloni is somewhere between enchiladas and lasagna which is already a blessing, but now I think I’m ready to take a trip to Florence.


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