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One of the best parts of shopping on Amazon is that it's rare to find something "out of season." Much as Amazon Prime's music service will give you a holiday station anytime you want it or Amazon's streaming video will allow you to play "Christmas Vacation" in the middle of August, you can shop for winter seasonal items just about any time of year. If you just happen to need those items in winter, however, here are some of the best offerings Amazon has in its permanent, infinite seasonal aisle. (Note: Prices and availability are subject to change.)
Pendleton Yakima Camp Twin Wool Blanket
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Price: $139 to $149 | Buy it
There are folks who'll sleep with woolen blankets as a layer, but these blankets make a good couch or chair throw during the winter months as well. Among the blankets from Pendleton Woolen Mills, which can run into the mid- to high-hundreds, depending on how intricate the folks in Pendleton, Oregon, decided to be, $139 is as close to a bargain as you'll find for these long-lasting items that are still made in America. With six patterns to choose from (green heather and lake stand out), Pendleton blankets are a warm late-winter splurge, though they come in handy by a campfire during spring and summer months.

Columbia Ice Maiden II Snow Boots
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Price: $54.90-$90 | Buy it
The Ice Maiden II boots are heavily insulated, waterproof, and ready for the outdoors without all the "outdoorsy" rubber, leather, and grommets. All the rubber is on the soles, and the faux-fur tufting along the top will hold up to the elements, too. These boots manage to be stylish without forgetting their purpose. Find out which boots made our list of the best boots for men, women and kids.

Totes Men's State Waterproof Side-Zip Snow Boot
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Price: $69.95 | Buy it
When men shop Amazon for snow boots, they appear to have two choices: Boots that are trying to ape the look of L.L. Bean's duck boots (at which rate, you should just buy those) or boots that look like they'll be used for the next lunar landing. If you don't live out in the woods, aren't riding a snowmobile to work, and just need something to get you through the slush, onto a train platform and on your way to work, that's what these are for. They're the snow boots that don't look completely ridiculous with a suit (or, you know, any form of business clothing), won't take up a lot of space, and won't require an extraordinary amount of time to put on or take off. They're waterproof, have a warm fleece lining, and aren't too much boot for the job.

Natple Winter Gloves
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Price: $10-$18 | Buy it
The unisex thermal glove isn't the toughest concept to grasp: You make black or tan gloves that look halfway decent with anything, have elastic wrist areas to keep the cold out and lots of padding to keep you insulated. However, with the world increasingly run through the help of touchscreens, it helps to have a glove that will help a device detect when you touch a screen. A purchase definitely worth making this year, these gloves allow both the index finger and thumb on both hands to swipe and tap with ease, while a no-slip palm keeps your device firmly in place.

Self-Adhesive Weather Stripping
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Price: $9 | Buy it
Those with old houses or apartments who just can't bring themselves (or can't afford) to replace their traditional windows with multi-paned, insulated models should either get familiar with weather stripping or are already incredibly familiar with it. People use it to keep windows and doors from slamming as well, but it excels at sealing the cracks where drafts are getting in and decreasing the amount of work your heating system has to do. Go around your house plugging those leaks and, if you did it well enough, you won't have to do so again for another five years or so.

Honda 20-Inch Snow Blower
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Price: $649 | Buy it
Power tools and lawn-and-garden equipment aren't an area where Amazon regularly excels. Dealer-specific items and retail-specific partnerships often limit Amazon's selection... but not when it comes to snow blowers. It has an impressive array of Arians nearly commercial-grade snow blowers, but this lone Honda stood out. A gas-powered, pull start mower, the Honda's 190cc engine performs above its weight and puts snow 33 feet away. Meanwhile, a remote chute control puts it wherever you want it within a 204-degree arc. Check out our list of the best snow blowers under $500, too.

Kata Beanie Hat and Scarf Set
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Price: $11.95 | Buy it
Hats and scarves have a nasty habit of going missing during the winter. Whether they're left at work, dropped in a theater, or left in a subway car or a Lyft driver's backseat, they end up in places where they aren't easily found. However, with this fleece-lined knit hat and muffler out there just waiting to be tacked onto an Amazon order, there's no need to shed too many tears over your lost accessories.

TOMS Women's Slipper
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Price: $43.96-$99.95 | Buy it
There are lots of warm, comfortable and adorable slippers to choose from out there, but these rubber-soled, synthetic-wool slippers from Toms do a fine job of blending style and utility. Available in multiple colors and patterns, they're cozy enough for a day in, but durable enough to go out and get the mail or a delivery.

Women's Long-Sleeve Knitted Heart Cardigan Sweater
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Price: $15.95 | Buy it
Any item of clothing with this many hearts on it has a far lower probability of being worn as the calendar flips further away from Valentine's Day. However, if people can wear green for St. Patrick's Day, giant hats for the Kentucky Derby, and far uglier sweaters for winter holiday parties, there's no reason this sweater shouldn't get some limited seasonal love. Speaking of which, we absolutely love that you can shove your hands in this sweater's deep pockets and shove this mostly acrylic garment right into the wash when you're done wearing it.

KitchenAid 1.25-Liter Electric Kettle
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Price: $53.46 to $79 | Buy it
There are a whole lot of electric kettles to choose from, but few are as pleasing to the eye or as durable as this KitchenAid model. With an LED on-off switch, automatic shutoff, removable base, and removable plastic limescale filter, it does all you can ask of it and looks good doing it.

Dyshuai Cat Glass Cup Tea Mug
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Price: $17 | Buy it
It's tough to question the cuteness of a mug shaped like a cat that uses a fish-shaped mesh tea infuser for making loose-leaf tea. The cat stirring spoon pushes it a bit over the top, but it's still a surprisingly useful mug despite its outward appearance. Loose-leaf tea can be a mess, and infusers are a fairly inconvenient means to an end. By putting both mug and infuser all in one package, this smart kitty makes it much easier to have quality tea without the mess.

Winter Beanie Hat With Faux Fur Pom Pom
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Price: $15 | Buy it
Much to the relief of fuzzy animals everywhere, faux fur has become a fashion staple of late. Putting it atop a thick, warm, chunky-knit hat dual-layer hat just enhances its appeal. With 29 colors to choose from, this hat manages to be both snug and stylish.

Elite Cuisine Maxi-Matic 3-in-1 Breakfast Center
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Price: $32.09 | Buy it
Does living in a studio apartment, RV or dorm mean you don't (or shouldn't) enjoy a warm winter's breakfast? This combination toaster oven, four-cup coffee maker, and electric griddle was built specifically to brew coffee, heat up pastry, and fry bacon and eggs all at once. It may collect dust when you go back to cold cereal, yogurt, or other more tepid breakfasts during the warmer months, but it earns its keep when it's cold outside.

NeuFashion Women's Ponytail Beanie Hat
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Price: $7.98 | Buy it
There is no reason that winter weather can't be ponytail weather. You could give bands and scrunchies a workout holding your hair in a bun under a hat that may or may not accommodate it all, or you can find a way to let the ponytail fly. The adjustable band on this stretchy, soft acrylic hat can accommodate just about anything your hair throws at it. For under $10, it's at least worth a try.

Taball Lightweight Balaclava Windproof Ski Face Mask
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Price: $14 | Buy it
The issue with ski masks or winter face masks of any kind is that they try their hardest to make you look like either an assassin or a member of G.I. Joe. It's little wonder, then, that Amazon's top-rated mask is a unisex model that can function as a face mask, scarf, or a hat. Cinch straps adjust it to whatever position or tightness you like, while the fleece interior keeps the cold at bay. Ski masks don't need to be frightening or completely ridiculous off the slopes, and this one does a fine job of blending into civilian life.

Yaktrax Traction Cleats
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Price: $18 | Buy it
Heavy boots may get you through snow, but good luck with any rubber sole on an icy surface. YakTrax call themselves cleats, but are really zinc-coated steel coils wrapped around rubber mesh that aren't as spiky as actual crampons but provide enough traction to walk on slick surfaces. Since they're held onto your shoes by elastic bands, they're easy to slip on and off when you're commuting, getting from place to place or shoveling snow off of a fresh patch of black ice.

Commercial Snow Shovel With Fiberglass Handle
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Price: $45.96 | Buy it
Snow-shovel manufacturers can just smell the suckers out there around this time of year. They'll ply you with ergonomic shovels, plow shovels, mechanical-handled shovels, but you don't need any of that. This is what you need: A commercial-grade shovel built to stand up to excessive wear and built with the ideal dimensions. A big "D-shaped" handle you can fit a glove into, and 18-inch blade to clear a sidewalk, and a fiberglass handle that won't snap, bend, or rot make this the only shovel you're ever going to need to buy. You'll be thankful for all of it when you see your neighbors running out to buy inferior shovels during the next snowstorm and cursing them when they inevitably fail.

55-Inch Extendable Ice Scraper
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Price: $26.96 | Buy it
There is a lot to love about this snow brush, starting with the fact that it isn't a scratchy brush. The head is made of foam and acts as both a plow and squeegee. On the back end, the ice scraper actually makes the scraper teeth a completely different part of the operation for chipping, while the flat scraper itself gets under the ice. It also has foam grips so that it doesn't slip out of your hands, as plastic things tend to do when they get wet or covered with ice. That nearly 5 feet of extension, meanwhile, makes just about all corners of your car, truck, SUV or van accessible. We aren't going to call this perfect, but it comes awfully close.

White Sierra Men's Insulated Snow Pants
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Price: $19.96-$43.64 | Buy it
Never trust snow pants that don't look the part. There are more fashionable snow pants out there, but they are almost universally inept at their very simple job. These baggy, plush show pants have a waterproof nylon shell, warm nylon insulation, gaiters with elastic to seal the legs around your boots and comfort-fit back elastic just to accommodate your other layers. Throw in some front hand-warmer pockets, and you have yourself an ideal pair of workaday snow pants. Don't worry about how they look: Anyone who sees you likely braved that same snow.

Unitop Women's Snow Pants
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Price: $29-$43 | Buy it
As we told the guys, what snow pants look like isn't as important as what they do. That said, these have a much more tapered waist and leg and have a mix of five zipper and Velcro pockets. They aren't bulky, they're a fine blend of spandex and polyester, and they keep you and the items you're carrying warm and dry. Where snow pants are concerned, that's above and beyond what's typically asked of them.

Comfort Zone Ceramic Space Heater
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Price: $32.20 | Buy it
Sometimes it isn't chilly in the entire house, office, or garage: Just where you are. A little heater like this can be carried anywhere and turned on as a temporary heat source without adjusting thermostats and jacking up the heating bill throughout the house. Space heaters don't have to be massive to make a difference, and this less that a foot high box gets the job done with just three settings.

Egyptian Bedding Goose Down Comforter
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Price: $134.95 | Buy it
Whether you use it as a duvet or as a 9-pound layer, this comforter does a lot to earn its spot on your winter bed. Stuffing more than 3 pounds of goose down into a 1,200 thread count Egyptian cotton cover, this comforter keeps its down spread throughout a number of baffle boxes sewn into the fabric and keeps you ensconced in feathers. If you don't like it, Egyptian Bedding offers it with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Not fluffy enough, stitching out of place? Just let them know, and they'll do what it takes to make it the only comforter you'll ever need.

Snowball Maker
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Price: $7 | Buy it
Sure, it doesn't necessarily require a lot of effort to make a snowball, but there are a few reasons why you might want to keep your hands out of it. For one, it's just an inefficient process if you're trying to launch snowballs at people in bulk, which makes a press like this one a worthwhile pickup. For another, you may be at an age where you aren't wearing mittens or bulky winter gloves anymore. Your gloves need to last for a few seasons and stay dry, if only so you can operate a smartphone.

HEATIT 60-Foot Roof Gutter Snow De-Icing Cable
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Price: $44.95 | Buy it
If you're a homeowner in a particularly wintry location and didn't know what ice dams were before you bought your house, you likely do now. Icicles can look pretty, but the same conditions that produce them can form ice dams that sit on your roof near your eaves, prevent melted snow from draining properly, and can bring down your gutters and tear off shingles ... at best. At worst, you can get water dripping into your, attic, walls, insulation and other places where it can cause damage. This is about the simplest preventive measure you can take: Snake this just above the gutters on your roof line, clip it in, plug it in, and melt that snow before it can ice over.

WHAM-O SnowBall Blaster
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Price: $57.47 | Buy it
You aren't too old for a snowball fight: You're just wise enough to know that you can spare both your digits and throwing tendons with something like this. Basically a dream snowball weapon, a removable three-ball snowball press on top makes the ammo while the launcher blasts snowballs up to 80 feet. Sure, it's probably meant for kids, but you've waited a lifetime for the snowball arms race to develop to this point, and you're the one with the funds.

Columbia Mighty Lite Hooded Jacket
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Price: $84-$160 | Buy it
Amazon sells a whole lot of this jacket for one reason: It's incredibly versatile. A long, puffy polyester coat with a hood, zippered front pockets, a zippered media pocket, and a drawcord-adjustable hem would be handy on just about any occasion, but one that looks just as natural during a commute to the office as it does at home shoveling snow will always make the cut as an everyday winter jacket.

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Hooded Rain Trench Coat
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Price: $31.34-$137.46 | Buy it
We keep emphasizing utility on this list, but utility is what gives a coat like this its value. It looks like a pea coat at a glance, but a waterproof exterior, removable hood, and removable quilted lining make it indispensable in brisk, mild weather or in a frigid nor'easter. It's easily machine washable and has three buttoned pockets (two outside, one for devices on the inside) and adjustable cuffs with buttons. It's going to get nasty out there, and your coat is going to be a mess afterwards. It's best to realize that in advance and buy something that can hold up to the elements for the long haul.

Calvin Klein Women's Packable Down Coat
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Price: $67.38-$100 | Buy it
A down coat is warm and plush this time of year, but often travels poorly. They aren't usually designed to take up less space, but to wrap you in a cocoon of feathers and keep you as warm as possible. This one packs all its puffiness into a drawstring pouch, but there are some sacrifices for the convenience. This nylon, machine-washable coat is all zippers, has just two front pockets, and is warm, but will still require some layers. That said, you're getting a down coat that can travel wherever you do for $100 or less.

Lucky Brand Men's Ayer Double Breasted Wool Coat
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Price: $98.47 | Buy it
This is the standard-issue wool coat that's a seasonal staple. With a hooked collar latch and a six-button front, this warm wool coat has classic appeal without being too costly.

Nostalgia Retro 32-Ounce Hot Chocolate Maker
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Price: $46.95 | Buy it
If you aren't a coffee person or have a large group of people who drink lots of cocoa during the winter (be it at your house or on ski vacations), this item could be for you. It'll make 32 ounces of frothy hot cocoa at a time, but can also be used to froth milk for lattes and cappuccino.

Cable Tire Chains for Cars, Pickups, and SUVs
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Price: $35.50 | Buy it
As many of you already know, there are many parts of this country that still strongly recommend that drivers chain up before navigating certain snowy, icy stretches of roadway. While most city dwellers and suburbanites may never encounter this, even those who get out of town every so often during the winter months for travel or vacation may want to consider keeping an inexpensive set in the car and getting familiar with how to put them on. We picked these specifically for their price and their ease of use. If you can strap chains to the car without actually having to move the vehicle and without worrying if it's compatible with your car's braking and traction control, you're in good shape should you ever need those chains.

Darn Tough Vermont Men's Wool Hiking Socks
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Price: $22.24 -$71.29 | Buy it
A good wool sock is a great idea for the winter, but a great wool sock that will last you every winter for the rest of your life is even better. If the folks at Darn Tough in Vermont manage to hang on as long as you do, their socks are guaranteed for life. Should anything take these thick, soft Merino wool socks out of action, they're covered by a lifetime guarantee and are shockingly easy to return and replace. At more than $10 a sock, it's an investment, but it's also peace of mind.

Smartwool Women's Extra Heavy Crew Socks
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Price: $9.95 -$86.45 | Buy it
Another great pair of Merino wool socks, but these are especially adept at wicking away moisture and keeping your feet warm, but not balmy. They're incredibly thick and plush, but aren't scratchy and are very forgiving on the feet. They may be a bit bulky for everyday wear, but they're built for activity and will make you want to put on boots just to have an excuse to wear them.

Deconovo Thermal Insulated Window Curtains
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Price: $34 | Buy it
Any layer of insulation that you can put between yourself and the bitter cold outside is welcome. But do those layers always have to look so ... drab? Thermal curtains have been used for generations to block drafts and to absorb cold. However, those curtains often tend to be utilitarian and monochromatic. We aren't saying that gray with a foil-printed floral pattern is anyone's idea of a bold style choice, but it doesn't automatically scream "I'm boarding up my windows with fabric."

Halite Rock Salt
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Price: $36 | Buy it
You can try various shoveling methods, you can hope for a quick thaw, but nothing is going to melt urban and suburban snow and clear sidewalks and driveways quite like rock salt. Property owners who know they're on the hook should someone fall and get hurt on their icy path know that rock salt is the strongest line of defense. So why Halite? For one, anyone in the Northeast or Great Lakes can tell you it works. For another, it's the only rock salt that Amazon will ship to Prime members in a hurry for free.

Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader
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Price: $25 | Buy it
No, this isn't to get a jump on spring lawn seeding. It's here because even people who consider themselves pros are terrible at spreading rock salt. You take your little cup or coffee can, you shake it over the sidewalk or driveway and you think you've done your job? No, you've just created small patches of clear pavement for people to hopscotch their way through. A spreader is the better way to distribute salt, and if you have a place to store one, we advise using it.

Door Bottom Seal Strip
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Price: $10.79 | Buy it
We'll be honest with you: You can screw a far sturdier door sweep onto any door that's putting off a draft. But if you're just looking to get through the winter, an adhesive option like this will do. While it claims to keep out both pests and outside moisture as well, set those expectations low and let it handle drafts.

Cuisinart 13-Piece Cast Iron Fondue Set
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Price: $35.56 | Buy it
For as often as you're going to use a fondue set (and it won't be often), it makes sense to go with one with a bit of showmanship to it. On a winter's night when you're making hot pots of cheese or chocolate dips, don't just settle for an electric bubbler. Get the cans of Sterno fuel, light them up, and dip your little forks into this red, glazed, cast-iron pot. Even if you want to keep it simple, this pot can go onto any stovetop and can be thrown into the dishwasher when done. Just clean some of the leftover cheese out first: It's every fondue maker's rookie error.

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Price: $66.47 | Buy it
Maybe you aren't up to making a hydroponic garden of your own. That's okay: Few of us are. This is why Miracle-Grow started producing this consumer-ready AeroGardens, which are basically a crash course in hydroponics. The 10-watt LED lighting uses daylight white LEDs for fast growth, blue LEDs for bigger yields and red LEDs for more flowers and fruit, and produces growth five times as fast as plants grown in soil. You're just putting in seedpods, adding water and nutrients as needed and watching things grow. Granted, a system this small is mostly good for growing herbs like basil, parsley, and dill, but you can get some nice winter flora growing, too, if you're willing to experiment.

Ikea Greenhouse
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Price: $39.52 | Buy it
If you aren't looking to start a grow operation and just want to keep your outdoor or indoor plants warm and alive during the winter, this simple greenhouse will do. Leave your succulents or other plants in a well-lit room or on a windowsill, water them as you usually would and you'll have some fine, oxygen-producing company for the long winter. participates in affiliate marketing programs, which means we may earn a commission if you choose to purchase a product through a link on our site. This helps support our work and does not influence editorial content.