Where to Find Good Cheap Burritos
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Where to Find Good Cheap Burritos in Every State

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Where to Find Good Cheap Burritos
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Burrito Heaven

Handheld, filling, customizable and delicious, burritos were invented in Mexico, but they've been adopted north of the border as classic American fare. Whether at a great Mexican restaurant or a cool food truck, every state in the country has burritos that are inexpensive, but also delicious. Every entry on this list has earned a place in the bottom two price tiers — one or two dollar signs — and the top two quality tiers — four or five stars — in term of online reviews. Here are America's greatest, cheapest burritos.

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Los Dos Hermanos Taco Truck in Birmingham, Alabama
Prime R./yelp.com

Alabama: Los Dos Hermanos Taco Truck

You'll have to brave the Alabama sun to enjoy the culinary heaven served up out of the big, red Los Dos Hermanos Taco Truck — it is, after all a taco truck. But you can rest assured, it will all be worth it. The chicken burritos just might be the best thing to come out of the truck, but for non-meat eaters, the vegetarian burrito is as good as any you'll find in the state.

Burrito Factory in Anchorage, Alaska
Olivia W./yelp.com

Alaska: Burrito Factory

Bacon, reindeer, and chorizo burritos are among the hottest sellers at Burrito Factory. Beloved by locals, the place is hidden away inside of a gas station, which makes it hard to spot unless you're a local in the know or a lucky outsider who happens to stumble upon the place while filling up on gas — then you can fill up on burritos, most of which cost less than $10.

Kiss Pollos Estilo Sinaloa
Billy B./yelp.com

Arizona: Kiss Pollos Estilo Sinaloa

You could easily walk right past this small, nondescript shop tucked away in a working-class Phoenix neighborhood — but don't make that mistake. In the world of amazing, cheap burritos, Kiss Pollos Estilo Sinaloa stands out, even in a Latin-infused border state where the locals are spoiled by a seemingly endless selection of great burritos. For $5.25, it's hard to go wrong.

Taqueria El Palenque in Little Rock, Arkansas
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Arkansas: Taqueria El Palenque

Little Rock
Like so many of America's choicest burrito joints, reviewers expressed hesitation about even walking into Taqueria El Palenque because it looked like "a hole in the wall," in the words of one convert. Out of that hole in the wall, however, comes not just some of the best burritos in Arkansas, but arguably the state's best Mexican food in general. Think shrimp burritos for $7.50.

El Tepeyac in Los Angeles, California
Jennica R./yelp.com

California: El Tepeyac

Los Angeles
It's not that the burritos at El Tepeyac are particularly cheap, it's that they're so big, it generally takes two people to finish one, which makes them half price by default. TripAdvisor fans rave about the size, but also the sheer quality — many call it the best burrito in the burrito mecca of Los Angeles. Manuel's Special Burrito weighs in at more than 5 pounds, according to El Tepeyac, but a competitive eating competition that includes the house favorite as a challenge lists the gargantuan delicacy at 4.5 pounds.

Taqueria La Familia
Ryan J./yelp.com

Colorado: Taqueria La Familia

The Taqueria La Familia is known for service that's as good as the burritos — and the burritos are good. This small, no frills restaurant get praise for its low prices, its authentic flavors and its numerous vegetarian options.

Rio Bravo in Fairfield, Connecticut
Andres A./yelp.com

Connecticut: Rio Bravo

If you're ever in Fairfield and you can't decide between fajitas and burritos — don't worry, you don't have to choose. The fajita burritos — both chicken and steak — are among the dishes that garner the most praise at Rio Bravo. Burritos, of course, come first, but if you ever swing back for a return trip, the Marco Polo taco platter is a Rio Bravo signature dish that lives up to the hype.

El Diablo Burritos in Wilmington, Delaware

Delaware: El Diablo Burritos

At Trolley Square, you'll find El Diablo Burritos, and at El Diablo Burritos you'll find the short rib and goat cheese burrito with red pepper walnut sauce — or pineapple-habanero sauce, if you prefer, along with prices starting under $10. No matter what you choose, the price is fantastic when tallied against the gargantuan heft of the portions.

Antojitos Mexicanos Tenorio in Miami, Florida
Rebecca R./yelp.com

Florida: Antojitos Mexicanos Tenorio

Like so many great burrito joints, Antojitos Mexicanos Tenorio is tiny, cramped and nondescript. If you're looking for ambiance, there's plenty of that in other parts of Miami — you visit Antojitos for the burritos. They're delicious, enormous and cheap — the locals boast about loading up on a burrito, a taco, chips, and a soda for around $10.

Tacos La Villa in Smyrna, Georgia
CJ J./yelp.com

Georgia: Tacos La Villa

More than a few locals have reported not being able to finish a burrito that they scored for around $6 at Tacos La Villa. But they're not just cheap and filling, they're cheap and really good. But that could be said for most of the menu, which is why the place is crowded and busy, even though it's tucked away in a strip mall.

Thyda's Tacos in Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii: Thyda's Tacos

Some of the greatest burritos in Hawaii are served not in a Mexican restaurant but from a taco truck on Queen Street. According to loyal locals, the burritos at Thyda's Tacos are, in a word, "killer." With fried cheese in the bottom, the burritos are pressed to create a crunchy crust. There are as many options as there are personal preferences, but the jackfruit vegetarian burritos are among the finest meatless Mexican food you'll ever eat.

Taqueria La Flama in Boise, Idaho
Chris T./yelp.com

Idaho: Taqueria La Flama

At Taqueria La Flama, the green salsa is so thick and chunky that you might mistake it for guacamole. The wet chicken burrito is a fan favorite, but it's hard to find a reviewer who claims anything on the menu is less than a five-star experience. When you're looking at prices, keep in mind that one reviewer reminds the hungry masses that "'regular' means gigantic."

Taco & Burrito Express #3 in Chicago, Illinois

Illinois: Taco & Burrito Express #3

A family-run business known for its fresh ingredients and friendly service, Taco & Burrito Express #3 is "possibly the best Mexican food in Chicago," according to one Yelp reviewer. The masses seem to concur. A few naysayers judge every burrito they eat by the standard of the burrito mecca of the San Francisco Mission District, but even the burrito snobs gave the place four stars because Taco & Burrito Express is so superior to the regional options.

Burrito Joint in Indianapolis, Indiana
Nicole S./yelp.com

Indiana: Burrito Joint

The Burrito Joint in Indianapolis is known for hefty burritos and classic Mexican street food. The eats are cheap, which has earned the place a solid stable of regulars. Some reviews on Yelp griped about the fact that the place is cash only, so hit an ATM before you head over.

Bandit Burrito in Johnston City, Iowa
Hil H./yelp.com

Iowa: Bandit Burrito

Johnston City
The Bandit Burrito boldly declares that "chef Robert Moore prepares over 35 items for you to custom build the best burrito of your life!" Everything, including the meat, salsa and burrito fillings are made fresh in house, and the restaurant asks, "Where else can you get a made-from-scratch family meal for four, for under 20 dollars?"

Los Compadres Mexican Grill
Los Compadres Mexican Grill/facebook.com

Kansas: Los Compadres Mexican Grill

When Wichita locals crave a great burrito on the super cheap, they head to Los Compadres Mexican Grill, although the massive and delicious margaritas don't make the lines any shorter, either. Try the carne asada burritos or, if you roll in on taco Tuesdays, you can gobble down a street taco for just $1.

Tortilleria Y Taqueria Ramirez in Lexington, Kentucky
Caleb S./yelp.com

Kentucky: Tortilleria Y Taqueria Ramirez

For reviewers who find Lexington to be a barren desert in terms of good, cheap Mexican fare, Tortilleria Y Taqueria Ramirez is an oasis. Although the carnitas burritos are a hit, carne asada seems to be the biggest crowd pleaser. This humble establishment has even achieved national recognition as a destination for top-notch burritos.

Rollin Fatties in New Orleans, Louisiana
Jack M./yelp.com

Louisiana: Rollin Fatties

New Orleans
The name Rollin Fatties is a classic New Orleans pun, but the rolled fatties they reference are burritos — and fat they are. The Chicken Fattie burrito won't disappoint and for vegetarians and vegans, the Farris is otherworldly. The ingredients are so fresh that even though the portions are huge, reviewers report that you won't leave feeling "like a fattie."

Guerrero Maya Mexican Restaurant
Andrew J./yelp.com

Maine: Guerrero Maya Mexican Restaurant

South Portland
Just because you're in a state associated more closely with seafood than any other in the country doesn't mean you can't score a great burrito. In fact, at Guerrero Maya, you may want to indulge in a Burrito Maya of crab, shrimp, and chicken topped with a creamy mushroom sauce for $19, but you'll be just as happy with a simple Deluxe with chicken, ground beef, or picadillo shredded beef for $11.

Mother's Cantina in Ocean City, Maryland
Richard Y./yelp.com

Maryland: Mother's Cantina

Ocean City
If you're in this beach town — one of the best on the East Coast — and a burrito is calling your name, head to Mother's Cantina, where organic, locally sourced ingredients pack freshness into every bite. You can definitely find cheaper individual burritos, but the $16 full burrito combo platter is hard to beat, considering the size and quality — and Yelp reviewers agree.

Chilacates Mexican Street Food in Boston, Massachusetts

Massachusetts: Chilacates Mexican Street Food

Although it's served out a small restaurant and not a truck as the name implies, Chilacates Mexican Street Food delivers the authenticity you'd expect from a taco cart in East Los Angeles. There are too many burrito options to name, but you'll almost certainly be satisfied with the fish or carne asada, which get high praise from reviewers.

Burrito Mundo in Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan

Michigan: Burrito Mundo

Grosse Pointe Woods
From the fajita burrito and the maize burrito to the veggie mundo and the pinata, Burrito Mundo offers a unique variety of world-class burritos inside the $8 mark, with many under $7 and none topping $9. The build-your-own burrito starts at $5.29.

Catrina's Mexican Restaurant in Oakdale, Minnesota

Minnesota: Catrina's Mexican Restaurant

Catarina's Mexican Restaurant serves up massive burrito for around $8 (and often less). The fish burritos are among the best items on the menu, but you can have nearly anything you like made to order. No matter what you choose, don't expect to be able to finish it all.

South Depot Taco Shop in Oxford, Mississippi
Courtesy of southdepottacoshop.com

Mississippi: South Depot Taco Shop

The South Depot Taco Shop serves up not just burritos that locals flock to the square to sample, but burrito bowls and burrito combos. Fried tilapia, ground turkey, and marinated tofu are just a few of the base ingredients you can choose when building your own burrito, which you can do for $8.

Los Alamos Market Y Cocina in Kansas City, Missouri
Rick F./yelp.com

Missouri: Los Alamos Market y Cocina

Kansas City
Los Alamos Market Y Cocina has carved out a space as the go-to spot for cheap burritos that are as massive as they are unique. Go for the chile Colorado burrito or try the special breakfast burritos.

El Vaquero Taqueria in Helena, Montana
Savannah G./yelp.com

Montana: El Vaquero Taqueria

El Vaquero Taqueria can be summed up in the words of one Yelp reviewer who states, "deliciously messy. So much food packed in an $8 burrito, fresh, well done." Vegetarian burritos come in at $5. The bean and cheese Chico burrito is just $4.50.

Super Taco in Lincoln, Nebraska
Justin S./yelp.com

Nebraska: Super Taco

"My life will never be the same after eating here." Those were the words of just one of the five-star reviewers gushing over Super Taco. Another wrote "Green salsa burrito is so good! Wowza! You gotta get you some of this!!" If you're looking for great burritos for $6.25, what else needs to be said?

Tacos Huevos in Las Vegas, Nevada
Tacos Huevos/yelp.com

Nevada: Tacos Huevos

Las Vegas
Sometimes it's not what a burrito joint does that makes it great, but what it doesn't do. While celebrating the amazing burritos that come out of Tacos Huevos in Las Vegas, one reviewer commented that the restaurant doesn't overdo it with the "garlic taste that every other wannabe Mexican place in Vegas has just to cover up the fact that they really don't have good food." The burritos you'll find there are fresh, cheap, and packed to the brim.

Dos Amigos Burritos in Concord, New Hampshire
Joseph W./yelp.com

New Hampshire: Dos Amigos Burritos

Out of the nearly 20 burritos listed on the Dos Amigos menu, just one tops the $9 mark — tacos start under $3. This Mexican joint is a favorite among locals who rave about the tacos and burritos alike. Unlike many dives with great burritos, the hip, trendy, brick-faced interior is an awesome place to dine with the family.

Taqueria Mi Mariachi in Jersey City, New Jersey
Rachel L./yelp.com

New Jersey: Taqueria Mi Mariachi

Jersey City
If you're looking to spend more than $7 on a burrito, stay away from Taqueria Mi Mariachi. Every burrito on the menu is $6.99 or less. The portions are as big as the prices are low — many Yelp reviewers report going home with burritos they couldn't finish.

El Parasol in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Anna D./yelp.com

New Mexico: El Parasol

Santa Fe
In a border state that has the word "Mexico" in its name, good burritos are a dime a dozen. But of all the options New Mexicans have, El Parasol in Santa Fe just might be the best of them all. Tiny, but neat and bright, El Parasol dishes out burritos that are bursting at the edges — and you'll get it on the cheap. Try the breakfast burrito even if it's not breakfast time.

Taqueria Tlaxcalli in New York City, New York
Alana C./yelp.com

New York: Taqueria Tlaxcalli

New York City
Hard to pronounce but easy to love, Taqueria Tlaxcalli stands out even in a city with thousands of burrito joints. Located in the Bronx, the place serves fresh and flavorful burritos that let you know you got your money's worth. Spicy sausage is the burrito it's probably best known for, but the vegetarian option is also arguably the best in the borough — or maybe even the whole city.

Anita's Mexican Grill in Charlotte, North Carolina
Ireti A./yelp.com

North Carolina: Anita's Mexican Grill

One reviewer said of Anita's Mexican Grill that "the Crazy Burrito was $7.95 and was honestly the largest burrito I've ever seen." The Crazy Burrito is no doubt one of the strongest draws, but if you're hungry, don't be shy about ordering the burrito/enchilada combo.

Mango's in Fargo, North Dakota
MK L./yelp.com

North Dakota: Mango's

The Super Burrito at Mango's is a giant, but if you haven't eaten in days — or if you're part of a group that's ready to dig in — try one of the double burrito options. Take your pick between the Burrito Special, Burrito Deluxe, and Burrito Verde if want to park and gorge for a few hours.

El Torito Taqueria in Lakewood, Ohio
El Torito Taqueria Bar/yelp.com

Ohio: El Torito Taqueria

Yelp reviewers waste no time telling the masses about the quality of the burritos that come out of El Torito Taqueria near Cleveland, but the real draw is the variety. Much more than Mexican, El Torito specializes in cuisine from across Latin America. When you finish your burrito, come back for the Colombian arepas or any of the many other international delicacies the restaurant offers.

Taqueria Sanchez in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Courtesy of tripadvisor.com

Oklahoma: Taqueria Sanchez

Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City is a surprisingly strong oasis for burrito lovers, and in the Corbin Hills section you'll find one that towers tall above the rest — Taqueria Sanchez. The tacos are amazing, but even some of the restaurant's biggest fans say the real lure is the huge, cheap, delicious burritos.

Tehuana Oaxacan Cuisine in Portland, Oregon
Kattso O./yelp.com

Oregon: Tehuana Oaxacan Cuisine

Yelp gives Tehuana Oaxacan Cuisine a perfect five-star rating at around 150 reviews. Diners praise the generous "meat-to-other-stuff ratio" as well as the price. Mostly Portlanders flock there for the predictably fresh and delicious fare, which they say leaves you satisfied with no "burrito bloat."

Cucina Zapata in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Grace H./yelp.com

Pennsylvania: Cucina Zapata

Philly is one of America's great restaurant cities, but the best food in town just might come from a truck. Covered in urban graffiti, the rolling kitchen that is Cucina Zapata serves up favorites you can't find anywhere else like the Cap'n Crunch tilapia burrito, which is delicious, filling and, of course, crunchy.

Tallulah's Taqueria in Providence, Rhode Island

Rhode Island: Tallulah's Taqueria

Tallulah's Taqueria is known mostly for its breakfast burritos, burrito bowls and fish burritos, but it's definitely a something-for-everyone type of menu. The portions are big, the burritos are plump and the price is right. Try the carnitas burrito for a carnivore's delight.

The Taco Spot in Charleston, South Carolina

South Carolina: the Taco Spot

Just three of the burritos at The Taco Spot cost more than $7.75, and none break into double digits. For $7.50, you can score a hefty blackened fish or pan-seared fish burrito. Ditto for roasted chicken, blackened chicken and seasoned ground beef. Only the "all-in" burrito tops out at $9 — and that contains literally everything you want that can fit in a tortilla.

Giliberto's in Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Jeneane D./yelp.com

South Dakota: Giliberto's

Sioux Falls
It's true that some of the burritos at Giliberto's come with double-digit price tags, but consider that one Yelp reviewer stated that they "could easily feed a family of four." Another wrote, "I was looking for the largest burrito in Sioux Falls, and I believe I stumbled across it." Yet another stated "this thing was almost a foot long!" Equally impressive is the selection of more than two dozen kinds of burritos.

Baja Burrito in Nashville, Tennessee
Dahye K./yelp.com

Tennessee: Baja Burrito

At Baja Burrito, the pineapple salsa might just be the greatest burrito additive in Tennessee, and, unlike so many other places that hit you with a surcharge, the queso there is free. Also unlike some places, you can customize any way you like. The place, according to one loyal local, "is an institution."

Tacos y Burritos Metro Basilica # 2
Kristen W./yelp.com

Texas: Tacos y Burritos Metro Basilica # 2

San Antonio
Texas is better known for tacos than it is burritos, but there are plenty of places in the Lone Star State where you can satisfy your burrito craving. Tacos y Burritos Metro Basilica # 2 in San Antonio gets rave reviews from diners on Yelp and made The Daily Meal's list of 50 best burritos in the U.S. The restaurant's al pastor burrito gets thumbs up for the tender, flavorful pork, or try a more traditional filling like chitterlings (tripas) or beef tongue (lengua). Still hungry? Try the Mexico City-style tacos.

Red Iguana
Marcus S./yelp.com

Utah: Red Iguana

Salt Lake City
Red Iguana has an entire menu section dedicated solely to gourmet burritos — but you won't pay gourmet prices. Sold in pairs, options include two chile verde burritos for $11, two carne asada burritos for $12, two machaca burritos for $10.50 and the list goes on and on and on.

Mad Taco
The Mad Taco/facebook.com

Vermont: Mad Taco

Mad Taco offers burritos in the traditional fashion, wet (baked in sauce) or served as a gargantuan family portion fit for four people. You can probably find cheaper burritos in Vermont, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a better value for your dollar in terms of taste, quality, and service. One reviewer raves about "the incredible collection of homemade sauces."

Burrito Perdido in Chesapeake, Virginia
Marina E./yelp.com

Virginia: Burrito Perdido

Burrito Perdido serves up both burritos and chimichangas that are in the running for the best in Virginia. Located in the same structure as a gas station, the burritos it serves are paired with spicy verde and salsa that locals say are beyond any other in the region. Even the regular size burrito will be a challenge to eat for most.

Tacos Chukis in Seattle, Washington
Lan H./yelp.com

Washington: Tacos Chukis

Tacos Chukis distinguishes itself by serving "baby burritos" for $3.33. The baby burritos come in all the flavors and meat selections you'd expect from the big boys, but by serving up small-fry versions, the restaurant gives customers the opportunity to try several different options all in one visit.

Black Bear Burritos in Morgantown, West Virginia

West Virginia: Black Bear Burritos

Known for "burritos of all ethnic cuisines," Black Bear Burritos is incredibly vegan/vegetarian friendly. Reviewers insist that the creamy guacamole is the best you'll find not only in West Virginia, but anywhere on God's avocado-green Earth.

Los Rivera's Mexican Grill in Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Isaac A./yelp.com

Wisconsin: Los Rivera's Mexican Grill

The secret behind the magic at Los Rivera's is family recipes — and that applies not only to its burritos, but to the menu at large as well as the cocktail list. Burrito palenque, burrito fajita, burrito vegetariano, and burrito ranchero are just a few of the options, some for just $10.

The R&B Breakfast Club in Cheyenne, Wyoming
Christina L./yelp.com

Wyoming: the R&b Breakfast Club

Burritos are also a breakfast food, and that fact is front and center at the R&B Breakfast Club, which proclaims itself "The Home of the Breakfast Burrito" and features an impressive selection that includes a German sausage version. Diners at the club will also find an equally impressive array of Elvis memorabilia, along with hefty traditional beef, bean, and pork burritos that start well under $10. On Wednesdays, there's also a special with all-you-can-eat breakfast burritos.