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Taco Temptation


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Taco Temptation

Taco Temptation

Tacos are a reliably cheap meal option. While many Mexican restaurants have pre-selected combo plates or platters that can be spendy, most also offer an a la carte option for tacos. Whether they're from a food truck or a local restaurant, these tacos from across the U.S. are not to be missed when you're in the neighborhood.

Prices and availability are subject to change. 

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Tacos Atoyac in Phoenix, Arizona
John D./Yelp

Oaxaca Atoyac Restaurant

Taco connoisseurs head to Oaxaca Atoyac for good food that's easy on the wallet. The standard tacos are cheap and the wildly popular fish tacos are a go-to pick.

Don't want to leave the comfort of your home to satisfy your Taco Tuesday cravings? Services like DoorDash and Grubhub often can bring the bounty directly to your door.

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El Toro Bravo in Sarasota, Florida
Danielle S./Yelp

El Toro Bravo

Sarasota, Florida 
TripAdvisor commenters give this Southwestern restaurant 4.5 stars out of 5, and a plate of three tacos costs are a reasonable pick at El Toro Bravo. No lard in the food here — the chef-owner uses only olive and canola oil for improved flavor.

Want to experiment with making your own healthier tacos at home? Skip the store-bought shells and try crisping fresh tortillas right in the toaster with a set of taco toasting molds

La Perla Taco Truck in Oakland, California
Randall W./Yelp

La Perla Taco Truck

Oakland, California 
Regularly parked close to the West Oakland BART station, the La Perla Taco Truck attracts hungry folks in search of fresh, inexpensive eats. Fans rave about the tacos, with props given to the wide selection of meats, including tongue and tripe.

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Michele W./Yelp


Billed as "far out food" for its curious blend of Asian and Mexican cuisine, Yumbii now boasts a physical restaurant, but it started as a food truck offering unique twists on taco and other dishes. Its taco choices include tofu stir-fry, fried chicken, and Korean barbecue. 

Jenny L./Yelp


Barrio lets customers build their own tacos, including many gourmet but free add-ons such as habanero-mango barbecue sauce and apple-jicama slaw.

District Taco in Arlington, Virginia
Alida H./Yelp

District Taco

Arlington, Virginia 
Head to District Taco to grab three breakfast tacos for $11 from a breakfast menu that's served all day. The price for regular tacos is the same at lunch and dinner.

Veracruz All Natural in Austin, Texas
Abhishek S./Yelp

Veracruz All Natural

Austin, Texas 
The cheerful blue Veracruz All Natural taco truck driving around Austin (there are also bricks-and-mortar locations in Round Rock and North Austin) is a hit with locals for its good food at dirt cheap prices. Try the breakfast tacos.

La Super-Rica in Santa Barbara, California
Carlos T./Yelp

La Super-Rica

Santa Barbara, California 
This restaurant was a favorite of Julia Child, so it's no surprise the hype is huge and the lines are long. Tacos are priced reasonably, making La Super-Rica a cheap spot in a pricey town.

Taqueri­a Coatzingo in Queens, New York
Jason P./Yelp

Taqueria Coatzingo

Queens, New York  
Tacos are a mainstay at Taqueri­a Coatzingo, where the Mexican staple costs under $5, and chips and salsa draw high praise. Every taco is served cone-style, wrapped in paper, and topped with fresh guacamole.

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Taco Escobarr

Taco Escobarr

Portland, Maine 
Lobster-happy Maine isn't exactly a hotspot for Mexican food, but Taco Escobarr more than does its part to add some culinary diversity. Eater Maine says it's one of the best spots for tacos in the state, calling out the wide variety of tortillas and fillings, including in crispy or "puffy" tacos. The burritos are also great, reviewers say.

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Los Dos Potrillos

Los Dos Potrillos

Centennial, Colorado 
With four locations in Colorado, Los Dos Potrillos is a popular haunt in Centennial and beyond. The chain offers three crunchy shell tacos for $13 as well as other tasty taco combinations.

Tacos Baja
Matt C./Yelp

Tacos Baja

Los Angeles 
For cheap tacos, go no further than Tacos Baja in East L.A. While the regular menu boasts plenty of inexpensive deals, like a special on fish tacos on Wednesdays.

You'll find a ton of taco spots in L.A., and each one's got a story. Entertain yourself with personal tales from actor, restauranteur, and former prisoner (!) Danny Trejo in his cookbook, Trejo's Taco's: Recipes and Stories From L.A. Hundreds of 5-star reviews suggest the 'Breaking Bad' bad guy is a mean cook, as well.

Taqueria Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Daniel S./Yelp

Taqueria Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Three soft tacos at Taqueria Mexico are just $13 on Tuesdays and come with your choice of meat and a medium drink. While reviewers at TripAdvisor note that the place isn't much to look at, they say the food is top-notch.

Antique Taco in Chicago, Illinois
Amara H./Yelp

Antique Taco

Antique Taco has plenty to offer Chicago-area taco aficionados. Their menu is short, but unique ingredients include curry, pickled jalapeños, and sriracha tartar sauce. While the prices may seem steep — starting at $3.75 for crunchy tacos — fans say the flavor is worth the price.

El Camion in Seattle, Washington
Peter C./Yelp

El Camion

There are more than a dozen taco options at El Camion, including pork three different ways. Its fish tacos get strong recommendations from Yelp fans. Lines form early, so it's best to grab a bite during non-peak hours.

Taking your tacos to eat at home? You can still serve them up "street-style" with these stainless steel or fiesta-colored taco stands.

Taco Bamba in Falls Church, Virginia
Eydie Q./Yelp

Taco Bamba

Falls Church, Virginia 
Tacos are only $5 each at Taco Bamba in Falls Church. The menu is long, with everything from traditional tacos to specials created by a guest chef each month. The original location is small, but Taco Bamba has expanded into sit-down dining in Springfield, Vienna, Fairfax, and Ballston.

Taqueria El Pueblito in Tucson, Arizona
Dawn K./Yelp

Taqueria El Pueblito

Tucson, Arizona 
This low-key restaurant sells tacos for $3.45 to $3.65 each, though some Yelp reviewers say just one is hearty enough for dinner. Vegetarians can try the rajas con crema, while carnivorous diners have high praise for Taqueria El Pueblito’s barbacoa crispy tacos and tacos al pastor.

¿Por Qué No? in Portland, Oregon
Allen C./Yelp

¿Por Qué No?

Portland, Oregon 
The tacos at ¿Por Qué No? are made with locally sourced ingredients, GMO-free oils, and sustainably fished seafood. The lines get long but tend to move quickly — and the staff takes drink orders while patrons wait.

Mary’s Tacos

Mary's Tacos

Boerne, Texas 
Mary's Tacos has the cheap prices and quality food to attract devoted fans. The breakfast tacos get high praise in diners' reviews, and the food, including the tortillas, is prepared fresh.

This Colombian cast-iron tortilla press from Victoria is a top expert choice and extremely popular with home cooks. Choose a 6.5-inch model perfect for small tacos, or size up to an 8-incher that can also conquer quesadillas.

El Green-Go's
Karena H./Yelp

El Green-Go's

Anchorage, Alaska
While this humble food truck isn't open all year, fans say it's worth the wait. The food gets raves and the prices aren't bad by Alaskan standards, either. Two tacos with your choice of protein and chips on the side are reasonably cheap (by Alaskan standards). 

Taqueria El Palenque
Rich R./Yelp

Taqueria El Palenque

Little Rock, Arkansas
Fans note that this "hole in the wall" is easy to miss, but is a Mexican restaurant that offers delicious, authentic food at bargain prices. The Taco Arriero is stuffed with steak, Mexican sausage, pico de gallo, and avocado.

Popo’s Fiesta del Sol
Ross A./Yelp

Popo's Fiesta del Sol

Popo's Fiesta Del Sol has been a fixture since 1964 and has a 99-cent margaritas every Tuesday. While the taco platters aren't as cheap ($16 and up), reviewers praise the hearty portions.

Torchy's Taco
Nika B./Yelp

Torchy's Tacos

Those seeking quality Mexican fare in the Houston area have plenty of choices, but Torchy's Tacos has become legendary. The small chain's "damn good tacos" include the Trailer Park (fried chicken and green chiles) and the Democrat (shredded beef and avocado) — and all of the tacos except the Tailgater (panko-battered chicken and bacon) are cheap. There are about a dozen Torchy's in the Houston area. 

Taqueria La Familia
Jessica R./Yelp

Taqueria La Familia

This small, family-run establishment offers a variety of meats in its street tacos, including tripe, pork stomach, and beef tongue (chicken, shrimp, and steak are available, too). Vegetarian and vegan fare is available, too. 

El Paisa Taqueria
Henry R./Yelp

El Paisa Taqueria

Albuquerque, New Mexico
El Paisa serves up cheap tacos as well as Mexican Coke in glass bottles. The joint doesn't take credit or debit cards so be sure to bring cash, and brush up on your Spanish — the menu is just as authentic as the food (although the staff helps clueless customers order).

Mexican Coke isn't always easy to find at the corner store, but if you want to keep your home fridge stocked in anticipation of taco takeouts you can subscribe to have it delivered regularly from Amazon. It's the real cane sugar that makes all the difference.

El Come Taco
Jonathan E./Yelp