Mountain Dew Baja Blast hot sauce


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Of all the heinous flavors Mountain Dew has introduced over the years — from Flamin' Hot to the fruitcake-flavored Fruit Quake — Baja Blast is probably the variety with the biggest cultlike following. The tropical lime-flavored soft drink is only available at Taco Bell, but its exclusivity hasn't limited the fanfare surrounding it. Since the drink is synonymous with Tex-Mex fast food, PepsiCo has created Baja Blast hot sauce, should you be in the mood to douse your food in an electric blue-colored condiment.

Mountain Dew is joining forces with specialty-sauce market iBurn to make the eccentric condiment, which taps the iconic flavors of the beverage along with habanero peppers, jalapenos, and green chiles. Unlike its beverage counterpart, Baja Blast hot sauce isn't exclusive to Taco Bell, but don't get too excited. Mountain Dew is making just 750 bottles, and the only way to add the neon blue goo to your scrambled eggs is to score your own bottle as part of a giveaway (or if you add some blue food coloring to a bottle of Cholula). 

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Register online to be one of the lucky 750 winners of a free bottle. But hurry, the contest runs only through Feb. 8. 

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