Cheetos Duster


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If you love licking neon orange Cheetos dust off your fingers, there's a new Amazon gadget made just for you: the Cheetos Duster.

Despite the name, it's not a cleaning tool, but you might have to clean up a lot of orange dust when you use it. It's a blender that grinds your Cheetos of choice into dust — Cheetle is the delightful technical name for that powder — that you can then use to season or flavor anything, including just your fingers.

Popcorn seems like the most obvious use of Cheetos powder. But if 17 ideas to use Cheetos powder didn't excitedly pop into your head, fear not, because Cheetos has helpfully provided recipes in degrees of horrifying.

On the savory side, there's Flamin' Hot turkey legs, kind of like a spicy red Shake 'n Bake upgrade, or Cheetos-crusted fried pickles with homemade ranch for dipping, which both sound delicious, frankly. Where things start to go off the rails is with the sweet recipes. Flamin' Hot doughnuts, anyone? What about chewy Cheetos sugar cookies made with an entire bag's worth of puff dust? 

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If you want to try these recipes but don't want to just bash up a bag of Cheetos the old-fashioned way using a rolling pin, sign up to be notified when the little orange fingerprint-emblazoned blender becomes available. The $20 gizmo might also make the perfect holiday gift for your Cheetos-obsessed niece or nephew. 

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