Amazon Deals in February

The Best Deals on Amazon in February

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Amazon Deals in February

mid-winter markdowns

Winter shopping is about more than just watching holiday sales yield to Valentine's Day deals. When you're shopping on Amazon, it's more about finding the best deal regardless of the season. Amazon exists in a seasonless void where Prime Music users can access winter playlists in July and where "It's A Wonderful Life" streams on Amazon Video long after your town has ground discarded Christmas trees into mulch. If you're looking for winter deals on Amazon, though, it pays to stay frosty and look beyond the seasonal aisle. Here are just a handful of the best offerings available during the cold months.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

Carhart Hat
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carhartt men's acrylic watch hat

Est. Price: $13 | Buy it
An inexpensive knit hat is crucial during the cold months, not only to keep warm but to occasionally sacrifice to forgetfulness. More of these end up on bus or subway seats, in office lost-and-found boxes, or at the bottom of closets than we care to admit. These stretchy hats come in two dozen different colors, so you can convince everyone that you're just stylish during the winter — and not at all prone to leaving hats on barstools or in restaurant booths.
Thermal Curtains
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deconovo room-darkening thermal curtains

Est. Price: $9 per panel | Buy them
Retail "blackout" curtains aren't always 100 percent effective at keeping the sunlight out. However, when used correctly, thermal blackout curtains can do a fine job of keeping warmth in. The thermal lining blocks drafts and helps make your home a lot more habitable in the frigid months.

Hot Chocolate Maker
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secura milk frother and hot chocolate maker

Est. Price: $34 | Buy it
You can lie to yourself and say you're buying this because the price of housewares always drops after the holidays and you've been meaning to make more lattes at home. The reality is that you want this because you want a hot chocolate maker that doesn't look like the centerpiece of an 8-year-old's holiday party. With a stainless-steel jug, a heating whisk and frothing discs, this appliance will make you look like a full-grown adult more concerned with cappuccino than another batch of cocoa. But on the inside, it's sweet chocolate decadence that will easily indulge your inner child.

Men Hiking Socks
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darn tough vermont men's hiking socks

Est. Price: $20 and up per pair | Buy them

Why a $20 pair of socks? It isn't because of the soft Merino wool, which you can find elsewhere. It isn't because of the manufacturing in Vermont. It's because these socks are guaranteed for life: If they break down, if they tear, or if you flat-out just aren't happy with them, you can always return them for full price.

Snowflake Socks
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smartwool women's snowflake socks

Est. Price: $18-$24 | Buy them
Merino socks for everyone! Amazon labels this a "holiday sock," but that Scandinavian pattern is meant to last straight through the winter. Not only to you get a warm, cozy sock, but you get one that seems almost a shame to shove into a snow boot.
Thinsulate Gloves
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metog suede thinsulate mittens/gloves

Est. Price: $14-$20 | Buy them
If you're in a snowy climate and like the feel of mittens, but prefer the ability to peck and swipe at a smartphone when necessary, these gloves are the best of both worlds. Packed with 3M Thinsulate insulation for additional warmth, these unisex mittens are attached with a flap and can easily flip open and convert to a pair of fingerless gloves. Half wool and half polyester, these gloves emphasize warmth without imprisoning your digits.
Touchscreen Gloves
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yoowl gloves touchscreen gloves

Est. Price: $14-$16 | Buy it
As long as touchscreen technology remains viable, touchscreen gloves are going to be a sound winter buy. With fleece lining and "SmartTips" on the thumb and index fingers for poking and swiping, the touchscreen glove has become a staple both on the slopes and during snowy commutes. That this pair extends coverage to the wrist only makes them more valuable to folks in icy climates.
Roll Up Sled
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flexible flyer roll up sled

Est. Price: $8 | Buy it

For more than 30 years, kids have known that the fastest way down a sledding hill isn't on a metal sled or wooden toboggan, but on some slippery plastic that's light enough to carry uphill. These are also easy to store between seasons.

Hanes Fleece Hoodie
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hanes ecosmart pullover fleece hooded sweatshirt

Est. Price: $11 and up | Buy it
It's the gym hoodie, it's the taking-out-the-garbage hoodie, it's the early-morning-pajama-convenience-store hoodie, and it's the I-can't-believe-I-fell-asleep-on-the-couch-in-my-hoodie hoodie. With 26 colors to choose from and most standard sizes falling in the lower price range, this all-purpose hoodie is built for everyday abuse and includes a drawstring and kangaroo pouch as its only frills.
Hot Hands Warmer
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hot hands hand warmers

Est. Price: $16 for 20 pairs | Buy them

Typically considered a stocking stuffer, these little single-use heat packs activate as soon as they're in open air and can warm your hands in your pockets for up to 15 hours. At $1 apiece, they'll get you through the winter without overheating your budget.

Amazon Essentials V-Neck Sweater
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amazon essentials women's lightweight v-neck stripe sweater

Est. Price: $20 | Buy it
"Amazon Essentials" doesn't exactly scream "fashion-conscious," but when you just need a sweater that can get you through a work day and pad the wardrobe a bit, this is your brand. It's machine washable and comfortable, but most importantly, it's a $20 sweater. If you end up dripping hummus on it during your lunch break, it won't be the end of the world.
Women Thick Down Jacket
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orolay women's thickened down jacket

Est. Price: $130 | Buy it
Winter apparel gets some big Presidents Day sales and deals thrown its way, largely because stores are rushing to get their spring line in before those first warm days in March. A puffy down zip-up jacket that comes down below the waist, has multiple cargo pockets, and has a hood for tough weather may only get about a month or so of use in all but the coldest climates. That said, it's a better deal now than it will be at the beginning of next winter.
PS4 Spiderman
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sony ps4 marvel's spider-man

Est. Price: $43 | Buy it
After Christmas and the Consumer Electronics Show, video games tend to get a deep winter discount. While that hasn't necessarily been the case this year, this title that's still among Amazon's best sellers has been marked down from nearly $60. Given how vast this game's playable world is and how many of Spidey's suits you can unlock — including an incredibly cool cell-shaded classic comics suit — this is a bargain.
Men Winter Parka
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wenven men's winter cotton parka jacket with removable hood

Est. Price: $65 | Buy it
Is this jacket going to brave sub-zero temperatures on mountain faces? Likely no. But this fleece-lined, multi-pocketed zip-up jacket with zip-off hood buttons up for extra protection and can serve as a windbreaker jacket in the spring and fall.
Memory Foam Slippers
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rock dove men's two-tone memory foam slippers

Est. Price: $20 | Buy them

The holiday season is basically peak slipper season. If those cozy slippers you coveted didn't come wrapped during December, there's an excellent chance that you can score them at a discount later in winter. With memory-foam cushioning on the inside and waterproof rubber soles taking the brunt of the punishment, these are ideal dog-walking and mail-fetching slippers: Somewhat practical, but completely comfortable.

Women Anti-Slip Slippers
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kuzima women's memory foam anti-slip slippers

Est. Price: $14-$20 | Buy them

Want a pair of open-heeled house slippers, but don't want them to be as fugly as the glorified shower shoes we featured earlier? Well, these far more colorful woven slippers are have more fleece on the inside, but still have memory foam in the sole and rubber on the bottom. They're not only easy to put on and take off, but are machine washable for easy cleaning.

Velvet Flannel Sheets
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pinzon signature 190-gram cotton velvet flannel sheet set

Est. Price: $71 | Buy it
Various "white sales" typically bite into the price of linens during the winter months, but changing seasons also make stockpiles of flannel sheets expendable. Made in Portugal, this queen set with two pillowcases not only has some serious heft, but is also durable enough to last for several seasons to come.
Cotton Towel Set
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pinzon egyptian cotton six-piece towel set

Est. Price: $23 | Buy it
Linen season extends to towels, so why not freshen up a bathroom for less than $25? These 100 percent cotton, machine-washable towels are crafted to be workhorses, and are just what a household needs after a long holiday season of guests and grime.
Goose Down Comforter
Courtesy of

egyptian cotton factory outlet store goose down comforter

Est. Price: $130 | Buy it
What does 8 pounds of soft, downy warmth feel like? Well, this queen-size comforter stuffs more than 3 pounds of white goose down into a 1,200-thread count Egyptian cotton shell. The result is either an incredibly comfortable duvet, a leaden extra layer, or just a very fluffy mattress topper. That said, it's so versatile that there's no need to store it once the weather warms. Even in spring and summer, both you and it can breathe easily.
Nod Foam Mattress
Courtesy of

nod by tuft and needle queen foam mattress

Est. Price: $395 | Buy it
Mattresses tend to get major markdowns in February, which makes snagging this Amazon-exclusive cool-sleeping foam mattress awfully tempting. You'll get 100 nights to try it out and a 10-year limited warranty on a mattress that's been designed to balance both soft and firm. It isn't the cheapest foam mattress out there, but in the mattress market overall, it's a steal.
Toshiba Fire TV
Courtesy of

toshiba 50-inch fire edition 4k uhd television

Est. Price: $300 | Buy it
TV prices drop every year after the Consumer Electronics Show, but when those TVs are paired with Amazon's Fire streaming interface, those prices drop even lower. For $300: Alexa voice interaction and access to streaming channels including Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO, Showtime and Starz. With 3 HDMI inputs, USB input, composite input, digital output, antenna/cable output, audio output, and Ethernet, you also get a lot of options for setup.
LG Smart TV
Courtesy of

lg 65-inch 4k uhd smart tv

Est. Price: $747 | Buy it

Want to go bigger for the Super Bowl? Now you can do so without spending $1,000. Originally sold for $1,200, this 2018 model is compatible with Amazon Alexa and priced to move. The LG streaming interface does its best, but with three HDMI inputs, you can always hook up a set-top box you like better.
Pet Peacoat
Courtesy of

pet craft supply peacoat for dogs

Est. Price: $12-$16 | Buy it
Despite what their fur coat might lead you to believe, not every dog is built for extremely cold winters. This slip-on pea coat with leash and harness access is made of pet-safe polyester and cotton and is completely machine washable. Your dog shouldn't spend the winter months freezing, nor should it miss out on an opportunity to sport some jaunty winter fashions in the dog park.
High-Waisted Leggings
Courtesy of

satina high-waisted leggings

Est. Price: $10-$13 | Buy it

Whether you're using them as a base layer, as yoga pants or just as a way to get your legs through the cold months without abandoning huge portions of your wardrobe, inexpensive leggings are a great way to bridge the gap to spring. As long as it's boots-and-scarves weather, leggings are still a must.

Women Tunic
Courtesy of

popiana women's tunic tops

Est. Price: $17-$25 | Buy it
We look out for consumers first and foremost, but we aren't so fashion-daft as to recommend leggings without recommending a top to go with them. Flowy enough to make leggings work but thin enough to fit under a jacket without issue, these tunics are fall-through-spring go-to garments.
Camp Blanket
Courtesy of

woolrich navy heather camp blanket

Est. Price: $93 | Buy it
This is not only a bargain for a woolen blanket, but perhaps your last shot at a piece of American history. The Woolrich mill in Woolrich, Pennsylvania, closed on Jan. 1 after 188 years in business. The company's European owners, who bought the mill late last year, deemed it unprofitable. That's a shame, since their blankets make great layers and throws in the winter and near-perfect camp blankets during summer months.
Columbia Heat Boots
Courtesy of

columbia minx mid ii omni-heat boots

Est. Price: $80-$150 | Buy them

At just 13 ounces, these boots are incredibly lightweight considering that they're waterproof, are woven synthetic textile with faux-fur at collar, and have a heat-trapping reflective lining beneath 200 grams of insulation. Throw in a sturdy, high-traction sole, and these are no ordinary boots with the fur.

Men Duck Boots
Courtesy of

tote's men's mike duck boots

Est. Price: $60 | Buy them

If you love those real-deal Duck Boots from the place in Maine, but don't want to shell out for shoes that will get wrecked by your daily commute, meet the low-budget answer. Made of an oiled-leather exterior, thermal lining and that all-important rubber coating for slushy, wet travel, these boots may not stand up to a full season of wood chopping in the mountains, but they'll make it through a few years of snowy trudges to the office.

Shoe Dryer
Courtesy of

eeddracc shoe dryers

Est. Price: $14 | Buy it
Yes, you can just leave your shoes and boots out to dry during the winter, but have you ever smelled a bunch of your shoes after you've done that? They're nasty, musty, and, unfortunately still damp. It's like having a bunch of wet dogs sleeping in your hallway. These plug-in devices not only dry shoes, but eliminate the lingering dampness that causes some of your wet shoes' most offensive odors.
XBOX One Minecraft Edition
Courtesy of

xbox one s 1tb — minecraft creators bundle

Est. Price: $227 | Buy it

These days, the Xbox One doesn't have the Nintendo Switch's nostalgia or family-friendly appeal or the PS4's power and relentless flood of proprietary titles. However, this comes with a full download of Minecraft, its starter pack, its creators' pack, 1,000 Minecoins, and access to a massive back catalog of games, with many popular titles now selling for $30 or less — and the platform's earliest games selling for less than $10.
Men Snow Pants
Courtesy of

arctix men's essential snow pants

Est. Price: $20-$60 | Buy it
Made with nylon thermal fabric and water-repellent surface finish, these pants are built to lock out snow and moisture. With an adjustable waist, reinforced ankle, boot snaps, and boot gaiters, these snow pants do their job without getting in your way. Plus, with zippered hand-warmer pockets, they'll help keep the rest of you warm as you dig for keys or a phone.
Women Snow Pants
Courtesy of

arctix women's insulated snow pants

Est. Price: $25-$70 | Buy it

Know those men's pants we just described? Well just imagine them in 11 colors other than tactical black and with a more flattering waist. That (and a weird markup) is what you're getting with these pants.
Ski Mask
Courtesy of

ergodyne winter balaclava ski mask

Est. Price: $11 | Buy it
If ski and snowboarding gear doesn't move now, it isn't going to. This wind-resistant face mask is made of thermal fleece and has a mesh panel over the mouth to keep glasses or goggles from fogging up. While it covers your face, nose, mouth, and neck, its hinged hood can convert it from a cap, to a mask to a neck gaiter as needed. It'll fit just as easily under a ski helmet on the slopes as it will a hard hat on an outdoor job site.
Trooper Hat
Courtesy of

mysuntown winter trooper hat

Est. Price: $15-$20 | Buy it
Because sometimes you don't want to look as if you're about to rob a bank. This fleecy hat with ear flaps and a protective chin-strap face mask looks like a modern take on the old hunter's cap, but it comes in four colors and looks far less goofy than Elmer Fudd's headgear of choice.
Ski Goggles
Courtesy of

outdoor master ski goggles

Est. Price: $17 | Buy them

Are you a novice skier? Are you maybe that skier who goes to the slopes closest to the city, gets in a run or two, but spends most of the day having apres ski drinks at the lodge before retiring to a cozy fire at the rental cabin? Yeah, don't buy the $60, U.S.-ski-team-approved goggles. Just get these, and keep the costs of your pseudo-hobby to a minimum.

Traction Cleats
Courtesy of


Est. Price: $18 | Buy it

To navigate snow and ice, you don't need the most expensive shoes on the planet, and you don't need all sorts of hiking gear. In most cities and suburbs, these traction cleats that slip right over your shoes will do just fine. Their zinc-coated steel coils won't rust and considerably reduce the risk of falling. Yes, they look a bit weird, but so will you if you face-plant into a snowbank just outside your house.
Bike Helmet
Courtesy of

retrospec traverse ski/snowboard/bike/skate helmet

Est. Price: $35-$54 | Buy it
This will get marked down as "ski equipment," but it's built to be an all-season solution for wearers who are particularly active. It's certified for both ski and bicycle use, but has removable earmuffs for the cold-weather activities. A ski/snowboarding helmet is essential for winter sports, but it doesn't need to be a strictly winter item.
Quicken Deluxe
Courtesy of

quicken deluxe 2019

Est. Price: $33 | Buy it

This is the one time of year when people are buying tax software in droves, so you may want to jump on this. Not only does Quicken Deluxe allow you to see your bank, credit card, investment, and retirement accounts in one place, sort your bills, and set your budget, but it provides a 14-month membership to quicken that could cover two tax filings if you time it just right.
Courtesy of

turbotax deluxe + state

Est. Price: $50 | Buy it
For this price, you not only get a subscription to Quicken and a strong look at your investments and rental property, but five federal tax filings. You'll also get a bunch of help maximizing your deductions, so the software may end up paying for itself.
Snowman Decoration Kit
Courtesy of

joyin toy snowman decorating kit

Est. Price: $12 | Buy it
In case you haven't noticed, corn-cob pipes and lumps of coal aren't exactly ubiquitous in the 21st century. While it's a shame that kids can't figure out where to find a scarf, a hat, or even a carrot nose for their snowmen — much to the benefit of their parents' wardrobe and produce drawer — the toymakers of the world have them covered with this festive little collection of plug-on snowman accessories.